Are your connections real?

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​​The book “How to win friends and influence people" is one of the top best-sellers in the world because it addresses a highly important matter in all phases of life: the relationship and connection with people. After all, throughout the phases, even when we are babies, we need to establish affection ties with those around us. Having good relationships - whether at home, at work, in the neighborhoods and in our social lives is the key for living in harmony and get along well with the whole society. This matter is so up-to-date that this book was launched by Dale Carnegie in 1937 and, till now, it is mentioned by those who study the human behavior. 

According the author, in order to keep good relations, you should look at the world through the other person's eyes, truly putting ourselves in someone's shoes. By doing that, you lose the ability to criticize, judge or condemn our neighbor and will be able to win friendships, societies, alliances and true connections with others. 

Here at Neoenergia Group, we appreciate very much the good relationship with our customers, employees, suppliers, service providers, market, shareholders, executives, public bodies and communities in the surroundings of our units. We are a company made up of people and for people, since our end product, the energy, is present in the daily lives of everyone and has the power to transform and bring quality of life to thousands of people. ​


We take this so seriously that our distributors have received the highest award for customer service and were highlights in the Brazilian electric sector business. The distributors Celpe (PE), Coelba (BA), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP/MS), were granted with the maximum recognition in Service in Visionary category of the SA Customers Award 2019. The companies were recognized for the case: Customer means everything to us, and were granted with the Golden Award. The campaign was marked by new service practices, promoting higher proximity and satisfaction of the consumers.  

It is worth to highlight that, as in all good relations, ours were built over the time. In all those years living together, we had phases with good days and others not that good, but, ultimately, what matters most is that the admiration, respect and the will to be better each and every day always prevail.  ​


Coelba, a Neoenergia's company and the third largest electric energy distributor in the country in number of customers, is celebrating the mark of 6 million customers. For us from Neoenergia Group, this is translated in 6 million real connections, that is, people with whom we relate each and every day and who are a part of our history. This is why the good relationship with these customers who connect with us on a daily basis, is so precious for us,  

After all, present every day, everywhere, energy is the fuel of the economic growth, accelerating industrial production, enabling the use of new technologies in hospitals, schools, and in our homes, bringing comfort and well-being to everyone. 

Celebrating the milestone of six million customers, representing 15 million inhabitants, Coelba has launched in September, an advertising campaign named “Conexões Reais" (“Real Connections"), with real characters, who are customers of the distributor, showcasing the significance of electric energy in their lives. The company's purpose is to be even closer to its customers and ensure quality of the energy supply, so critical to the people's lives. Watch the videos on these real stories. ​

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