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Social and environmental actions

Neoenergia promotes sustainability and well-being in local communities, through educational, environmental, and cultural projects.

Neoenergia is committed to creating a positive impact in the communities where it operates, promoting sustainable development and the well-being of local communities close to its projects. Social and environmental actions cover several areas, including education, environment, culture, and quality of life.


Among the initiatives, the following stand out:

  • Sustainable education: Investment in educational programs that promote environmental awareness and skills development in local communities. This includes forming environmental education committees and supporting sustainable schools.
  • Environmental preservation: Commitment to UN sustainability goals and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Actions are carried out to conserve biodiversity and protect the environment, such as the recovery of degraded areas.
  • Culture and identity: Valuing local culture and preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the regions where Neoenergia operates, including support for cultural initiatives and respect for local traditions.
  • Quality of life: Implementation of projects that improve the quality of life of residents of local communities, such as the provision of vocational courses and the hiring of local labor.

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