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Everybody loves to post in social networks an unforgettable trip, a selfie with any celebrity or when you go to a sophisticated restaurant. Showing this to everyone includes photos and videos, no matter if recent or old. What matters is to showcase to followers something that may be shared and, preferably, that generates engagement.

For posting old photos TBT resource is used. But, in fact, there are many people following the fashion and using this tag with no knowledge on its meaning. So, let's give them a help! 

TBT means “Throwback Thursday". Throwback means step backwards, a regression to the past.  So, this expression means the Thursday to revisit past. So, this hashtag is used in post legends in social networks to remember old moments, facts and events from the past. Weekly, millions of posts worldwide, mainly in Instagram, display #tbt in photos and videos of trips, childhood moments, various memories and a broad range of themes, always on Thursdays. 


There is no consensus on when the first hashtag record was made, but it is known that, since Twitter inception, some users used the term “Throwback Thursday" when mentioning old facts. But, in 2012 the hashtag became a blast and was spread with thousands of people joining it. The tradition of posting on Thursdays has gained followers and it is also used now in many other platforms, such Facebook and Instagram. 


If we search right now for #tbt we will find over 500 million postings in Instagram alone. Many celebrities, politicians and other public persons use it in their posts, such as the singer Madonna, the host Oprah Winfrey and Microsoft's founder Bill Gates.


In Brazil, host Xuxa Meneghel is among the thousands of famous people using this feature to remind their fans the moments experienced in their youth.


And we have also entered the wave! We have remembered the Massarandupió audiovisual project. With it, we have won one of the most important recognition of corporate communication in the country: the Aberje 2018 Award!



Other two hashtags are also used to recall the past: #FBF, meaning “flashback friday" and #WBW, Wayback Wednesday. Similar to #TBT, both are used to old content. The difference is the day of the week. #FBF is used on Fridays and #WBF on Wednesdays. 


Hashtags are used in social networks to ease the content search. Before the key-word a symbol (#) is used, also known as “tic-tac-toe", which turn to clickable links. This feature is used as a segmenting tool per subject, in which the app gathers all posts with the same # and organizes a listing per relevance or chronological order. Therefore, when searching “#tbt", for example, it is possible to view all posts of everyone using this hashtag in their postings.

This is a great tool for those who want to make business and announce their products and services in social networks. For instance, a company selling cakes may post photos of their products using #cake, #homecake, #sweet, #recipes, #delivery, etc. This, hashtag help to bring more visibility to the postings and attract those searching for such matters.​


According to Rock Content, a company specializing in Digital Marketing, #TBT is among the 20 most used hashtags in Instagram this year. Check the list and number of events recorded in the search for each one:

  1. #love: 1, 221B
  2. #instagood: 704M
  3. #photooftheday: 478, 6M
  4. #fashion: 456, 5M
  5. #beautiful: 445, 0M
  6. #happy: 413, 8M
  7. #cute: 404, 3M
  8. #tbt: 401, 4M
  9. #like4like: 393, 9M
  10. #followme: 374, 3M
  11. #picoftheday: 363, 1M
  12. #follow: 357, 3M
  13. #me: 341, 6M
  14. #selfie: 329, 4M
  15. #summer: 320, 6M
  16. #art: 319, 4M
  17. #instadaily: 311, 6M
  18. #friends: 299, 3M
  19. #repost: 295, 8M
  20. #nature: 286, 4M

Check Here the full list with 100 most used terms.

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