Open Innovation

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​Neoenergia Group's Global Innovation Policy is characterized by defining a model  that is decentralized, reinforcing the autonomy of the business areas within the company's innovation strategy, and open, with the growing interaction with different external agents in order to use the knowledge and creativity available in environments outside from the company.

Aware of the challenges of innovating, Neoenergia seeks to map opportunities for evolution within all company's business areas and use its network of partners to find adherent solutions that are applicable to its reality.

Neoenergia promotes innovation in several areas, such as: smart grids, universalization of energy services, as well as alternative and clean energy sources that contribute to the de-carbonization of the economy.

The strengthening of culture and the generation of value are provided by a robust ecosystem of innovation, consolidated through partnerships with educational institutions, research centers, innovation hubs, startups and public and private institutions. With these partnerships, the company seeks to reinforce its positioning through:

  • Development of projects with reference institutions;

  • Promotion of agile investigation and ideation projects;

  • Proofs of concept for solutions with startups and providers;

  • Interaction with students within a PBL (Problem Based Learning) model;

  • Reinforcement of continuous improvement and optimization of operations;

  • Investment in the dissemination of a culture of innovation.​interesting-areas

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