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​​​​Innovation, one of the values of Neoenergia Group 

For Neoenergia, innovation is one of the main tools to ensure sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness, in addition to being a strategic variable that affects all its businesses and activities. The alignment of this strategy was carried out by updating the Group's Values and by unifying it into one Purpose, which defines Innovation as a priority for the continuous company's success in face of a scenario of drastic changes and constantly evolving.

In this sense, in addition to investing in innovative projects through R&D, regulated by Aneel, Neoenergia develops an open and decentralized innovation management model, fueled by the creation of SIS - Superintendence of Innovation and Sustainability, former ISOCA.

The Superintendence

Created in April 2018, after the integration of Iberdrola's companies in Brazil, ISOCA is the structured Superintendence in Neoenergia, reporting to the Board of the Deputy Presidency, with the purpose of of enhancing at the corporate level the skills and results of the Group's companies in relation to Innovation, Sustainability, Quality, Environment and Climate Change.

In April 2020, the Superintendence underwent a repositioning and was renamed SIS - Superintendence of Innovation and Sustainability to reflect its skills more assertively. In this organic process, two Managements were structured: Innovation and Quality, and Sustainability and Climate Change 

The company also collaborates with different universities and reference institutions, forming a diversified network of partners that contribute to identifying the best way to solve the opportunities diagnosed by the company's business areas, among a portfolio of possible developments.​​​

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