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Neoenergia's Spanish controlling group Iberdrola, disclosed its Global Biodiversity Report, published every two years. The document includes Neoenergia's Group initiatives. It gathers together over 1,450 global actions related to biodiversity protection.  The goal is not only mitigate the effects but also bring a positive contribution for the ecosystems. This results in actions that avoid and/or minimize the impacts to the environment.

Neoenergia  acts in the same path and is one of the few Brazilian companies adopting a policy exclusively dedicated to biodiversity. Created aiming at preserving the ecosystem as a critical condition for global sustainability, the initiative establishes, among others, the inclusion of biological diversity preservation into the company's strategy and decision-making.

Accordingly, when executing any works, the company applies an array of environmental plans and programs that enable to know, in details, the entire composition of the wild life and flora in the surroundings. This allows the definition of ecosystem preservation actions.

For example, when developing Baixo I​guaçu hydro power plant, which started operations in 2019, the company agreed with the environmental agency the creation a biodiversity corridor that will contribute to the preservation of species and the improvement of quality in the region. Thus, native species will be planted, interconnecting the remaining forestry areas, permanent preservation areas and those protected by the Iguaçu National Park.

During the environmental licensing process for hydro power plants, substations, distribution lines, transmission lines and wind parks, Neo​energia  has already planted more than 2.5 million native species.

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