Startup Challenge: new challenge for intelligent detection of street lighting and use of poles

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Spanish group Iberdrola, Neoenergia's parent company, launches in Brazil the Start-up Challenge: Detection of public lighting and cabling, an initiative that is a part of the International Startups Program - Perseo. The project invites companies around the world to submit solutions for smart and automated detection, validation and updating of public lighting points not registered in the database of the company's distributors, in addition to the mapping of telephone and internet networks non-authorized by the companies. 

Iberdrola and Neoenergia are seeking for solutions that help to update the database, on a periodic and prompt basis, with the use of digital tools. The purpose is providing technology-based infrastructure improvement, in addition to enabling the reduction of energy losses and fighting the unauthorized use of distributors' poles. This is a recurrent situation in Brazil, thus, the startups' global challenge is extremely relevant in the country. 

In order to join the Start-up Challenge, the detection method to be submitted must be based on external database and the georeferencing of lighting poles in operation in the company's network. In addition, the process must be automated and operate almost with no human intervention, according to efficiency, utility, scalability and replicability criteria. Those interested may register their solutions at the initiative's website​. Enrollments will be open up to March 16. 

Selected proposals will be supported in the pilot project development and those successful will be included in the suppliers' portfolio to improve the operation and maintenance of Neoenergia's database. In addition, they may be elegible to funding from Perseo, Iberdrola's investment fund for supporting startups. 

This edition of the challenge is synergetic with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, which have been included in Iberdrola's group business strategy. In practical terms, this initiative aims to provide affordable and clean energy (SDG 7) and stimulate industry, innovation and infrastructure (ODS9).

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