Neoenergia is winner of the Transparency Award of the National Association of Finance Executives


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The company also receives the Smart Customer, ClienteSA awards and gains prominence position in the Ranking 100 Open Startups


Neoenergia received one of the highest recognitions in Brazil in relation to the quality of the companies' financial statements. It is the TransparencyTrophy, an initiative of Anefac (National Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives). Known as the "Accounting Oscar", this is the only award of its kind in the country. Neoenergia was among the 10 companies included in the net revenue category above R$ 8 billion, after analyzing more than 2,000 financial statements of companies.  

Among the criteria to reach the winning companies are quality and the degree of information contained in the statements and explanatory notes, the transparency of the information provided, the quality and consistency of the management report and adherence to accounting principles in the year prior to the award. To compete for the Prize there was no registration. The rule is to follow the best accounting practices in an effort to present the most objective set of information to the market. The trophy ceremony is scheduled for November 11.  

This was not the only achievement of Neoenergia. The company came out as the big winner of theSmart Customer Award 2021, which took place on the night of Tuesday, 24. The company was recognized as the Smart Case of the Year with the project "Chatbot Neoenergia - Virtual Assistant and new experiences for customers". The achievement is the highest titration awarded by the award and means that the Neoenergia case had the highest score of all the event. The same project obtained gold in the Category Automation in customer experience, consecrating the virtual assistant as the highlight of the night. The company also received the Bronze with the case "An Open Chat on Security, Transparency and Empathy", in the digital communication category.  

Another recognition came on Monday night, 23, when Neoenergia stayed in the TOP 50 Open Corps and TOP 2 Renewable Energies ranking 100 Open Startups 2021, an initiative that recognizes the leading corporations in open innovation with startups. On the same night, Neoenergia was recognized with the silver title in the CustomerSA Award 2021 in the category Leader in customer management project by the case "Chatbot Neoenergia - Virtual Assistant and new experiences for customers". This is the third consecutive year that Neoenergia has achieved a positive result in the SA Customer Award. In 2019, the company received a gold title with the case 'The customer is everything for us' in the Visionary category. The title earned the company a place in the Latam Award 2020, in which it won the gold category of Best Strategy for Operation Directed to the Citizen. In the SA Customer Award 2020, the achievement was through the Central Case of the Customer Experience. ​​​​​


The achievements obtained with the virtual assistant are the result of several investments that Neoenergia has made in order to improve the customer experience, present in the center of the company's business. This could be seen in the milestone obtained in July 2021, when the chatbot reached 10 million calls. In total, there are 70 services that can be accessed in a practical and accessible way on WhatsApp and Facebook automatically by more than 15 million customers, such as reconnection, 2nd way of the invoice and warning of power outages. All deliveries of the virtual assistant are part of the Digital Connection,considered the most important Brazilian Research and Development (R&D) project focused on the client, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).  

Papo Aberto

Neoenergia's victory in the Smart Customer Award with the Papo Aberto project came after the company established three major communication values: empathy, transparency and security. They are applied to all company communications, whether digital or not, and have been defined as the pillars that represent the company's identity and how the message should be passed on to customers. Since then, several initiatives were carried out, in channels such as social networks and SMS, in order to reinforce these values in customer service.  

An example of the actions carried out within the project is Dona Néia, an influencer of Neoenergia that talks about safety with the electricity network in digital channels such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition, there is the Open Chat program, content in which Neoenergia employees answer questions from customers sent through social networks, in a video tutorial format, with simple and accessible information. The program, which brings a humanized side to communication, counts 31 million impressions on social networks in one year.  


Ranking 100 Open Startups

The Ranking 100 Open Startups 2021 award, which took place on Monday, August 23, recognizes the leading corporations in open innovation with startups. For the ranking, several projects of all Neoenergia's businesses were submitted with collaboration of startups. The company stood out among more than 3,300 registered companies. The result recognizes Neoenergia's performance in order to generate value for the company, develop the innovation ecosystem in the country and strengthen best practices in the areas of technology and renewable energies.  

Among the projects that contribute to this result is Zona Limpa, carried out in partnership with the startup Pixforce. The initiative is about the development of artificial intelligence for the detection of Personal Protective Equipment (EPIs) and tools in maintenance zones, ensuring safety in operation. Another example is the Green Corridor,a project contemplated in Neoenergia's R&D program, regulated by ANEEL, for the implementation of the largest electrovia in the country. The project, which has the partnership of startup Voltbrás, includes the installation of 12 electrostations between the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, in addition to six urban recharge points in the capitals Salvador (BA), Recife (PE) and Natal (RN). ​​

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