Neoenergia warns for electricity consumption on Summer


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​​​​​efficiency-energetica-tips-light billIncreased temperatures lead to the change of consumption habits with the more frequent use of air conditioning system, for example. The result may be the increased electricity bill prices.

The electricity bill price is directly associated to the customer's consumption habit. On Summer, the consumers need to be more aware in order not to feel the pinch the effects of increased temperatures. At that time of the year, the variation is particularly justified by the use of air conditioning systems to attenuate the heat. Equipment, such as refrigerators and air conditioning systems, show an increased performance in order to offset the climate change. In order to avoid surprises that may compromise the household budget, Neoenergia's distribution companies recommend the effective use of electric and electronic devices. In this month, the attention should be doubled with the effectiveness of the Yellow Flag established by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel).

The hot weather leads most people to attenuate the discomfort caused by high temperatures by turning the air conditioning system on for longer periods of time and opening more the refrigerator, for example. The result of such habit may be the increased electricity bill price. Efficient behaviors in the use of electricity, in addition to the awareness regarding waste, are essential for the consumer to avoid surprises, without necessarily giving upon the comfort.

“As the Summer comes, an impact in the electricity bill is practically unavoidable due to the higher consumption of electricity in order to attenuate the heat. It is a cycle we observe every year. However, it is possible to minimize the effects in the electricity bill", commented Neoenergia's Energy Efficiency manager, Ana Christina Mascarenhas. The following are a few tips that may result into savings in the use of household appliances:

Electric appliances consume more when the outer environment is hotter. Also, avoid using air acclimatization and conditioning systems for long periods of time. The guidance is to adjust the air conditioning system to a comfortable temperature (about 23°C). Using the timer helps avoid the unnecessary operation of the equipment;

After the refrigeration of the room, the consumer may make use of fans in order to keep a pleasing climate. It is important to remind of the regular cleaning of such equipment. In addition to being hygienic, the measure contributes to a more economic performance;

In event of refrigerators, whenever they are in poor conservation status, the equipment may represent 30% of the consumption in a residence. In addition, freezers and refrigerators must be installed at ventilated spots with minimum gap of 15 centimeters from walls and cupboards. It is important to periodically observe the rubber gasket which, once it is dried up, causes huge waste of electricity;

Setting the electric shower in Summer position is another savings tip, the cheaper the water temperature, the lower the consumption;

Electric ovens and irons must be used as required. It is important to optimize such pieces of equipment in order to make better use of the heat, avoiding to frequently turning off and reheating the appliance.

In addition, Neoenergia​ advises the consumer to be aware when buying electric appliances. It is important to choose products bearing Procel Seal – which indicate the most efficient appliances which consume less electricity. The use of fluorescent or LED lamps is recommended, which may save about 80% of electricity and have longer durability than the common lamps.

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