Neoenergia's volunteer actions impact 18 institutions in six states


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Initiative is part of the Iberdrola International Volunteer Week 


More than 33,000 hygiene products and 6,000 books will be given to 10 institutions in different locations in Brazil. The figures are the result of the Brazilian edition of the International Volunteer Week, an initiative of Iberdrola that mobilized Neoenergia employees from September 18 to 25 in three fundamental axes : the environment, inclusion and the social emergency caused by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The global movement took place in 10 countries where Iberdrola is present in various formats – online, face-to-face and hybrid, bringing the theme 'The social footprint you leave'.  

In total, Neoenergia counted 1,525 registrations, among employees and family members, to participate in the 10 scheduled activities. Thus, it benefited 18 institutions, impacting 2,076 people directly and 41,298 indirectly.  Among the actions was the 'Gincana do Bem', aimed at donating hygiene material and children's books to form libraries in communities. Volunteer engagement resulted in 33,169 hygiene products and 6,643 books collected. The items will be reverted to the institutions A Casa do Caminho (SP), Casa da Criança de Votuporanga (SP), Instituto Educar (BA), Comunidade dos Pequenos Profetas (PE), Reeducar (PE), Bayernzinho F.C. (RN), Abrairo (RN), Casa do Caminho (RN), Casa da Criança Batuíra (DF) and Haja (RJ).  

In another activity, the collaborators were invited to perform the 'Solidarity Sport'. The challenge was to reach 2,500 kilometers in running, walking or cycling, between 18 and 25 September. In the end, 12,499,000 km were conquered, which generated the donation of 3,000 cans of milk powder made by Neoenergia to the Association for the Development of Citizenship Initiatives (RN) and the Sport and Life Project (BA). Volunteers were also able to participate in the 'Cooking for the World' activity, whose goal was to build a collaborative global recipe book among volunteers. With each recipe sent, a meal will be given to refugees, benefiting the institution Mission Vinde, in Campinas (SP).  

The International Volunteer Week also had activities aimed at stimulating recycling and reuse of waste, such as the workshop that taught how to transform shirts into bags. The solidarity photography contest was created with the objective of showing social reality or solidarity actions in communities. In the end, the winners were able to choose a social organization for Iberdrola to create a cash donation. Finally, the volunteers recorded videos with music, dance, fine arts and other arts for elderly residents of nursing homes and NGOs that serve people with disabilities, in addition to the video in storytelling format for children from day care centers and institutions that work with school reinforcement.  

Volunteer Program 

The stimulus to volunteer work at Neoenergia goes beyond the initiatives of the International Volunteer Week. The company has a Program that permanently offers opportunities for engagement through its own online platform, used by Iberdrola Group companies. In addition, Neoenergia also has an online space with vacancies offered directly by NGOs, in partnership with Transforma Brasil. The platform crosses the vacancies available in Brazilian institutions with the information registered by those who want to volunteer, connecting opportunities and facilitating engagement. All actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations (UN). 

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