Neoenergia reinforces safety measures with electricity during quarantine

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In times of social isolation due to Covid-19, staying at home with children has been requiring an extra dose of creativity and care from parents. Enjoying so much free time inside their homes, kids may be attempted to explore places and objects that otherwise would go unnoticed. Due to this, parents shall pay increased attention to some itens, particularly electric equipment, wires and sockets. Therefore, Neoenergia reiterates some safety measures to ensure that this moment may be passed through with more tranquility. And there’s no age restriction to follow them.

It is natural that parents get worried with the well-being of their children. While some are working from home and others are carrying out their daily taks, kids need to be entertained, whether through games, child’s play or some family activity.  Due to this, attention shall be given to the risks. ​

The first risk that may be found at home is electric shock. A key measure is the use of covers in all sockets. This avoids the insertion of objects, especially metallic ones, which would cause a big risk. In addition, some recommendations must the followed after handling water. Wearing shoes and keeping hands dry is essential when contacting any type of appliances or electronic equipment.

As a general rule, children must not handle electric equipment and wires. In this case, attention shall be focused, mainly, when charging objects such as cell phones and tablets - they must not be used until charge is full. Electronic equipment shall only be plugged and unplugged by an adult, always with the attention to pull the plug, never the wire. 


  • Always check the the condition of wires before plugging in. If wires present any sign of wearing, this may cause electric shock. 
  • Do not use extensions and adapters (T-benjamins) as a definitive practice, as this may cause short-circuits and fires. 
  • Always wear shoes and keep hands dry when contacting any type of electric equipment.​
  • In addition to socket covers, it is important to check if all sockets existing in the house are compliant with the new standard.
  • Children must be kept away from electrical appliances, wires and sockets. Handling must be done by an adult.​

    This initiative is part of theIberdrola group's response to the Coronav​írus​.


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