Neoenergia reinforces Covid-19 precautionary measures among its critical service employees


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​​​safety-collaborators-services-essentialThe Company has a series of preventive actions for professionals who go out on the streets, such as an online health platform, awareness campaigns and delivery of hygiene kits

Electric power is key to continuity of services that are critical for the population.  In challenging times such as we are living now, with social distancing measures recommended by  health authorities to stop Covid-19, the supply of power and the progress of services become even more critical. Aware of that, Neoenergia ensures fast and effective provision of activities and customer service, even facing the challenges triggered by the pandemic. Aligned with its commitment to society, the company reinforces its commitment to deliver quality, conformance with health protocols, while the population is safe at home, when possible.

In all, Neoenergia has approximately 9,200 field employees, namely technicians, electricians, engineers, and meter readers. They are professionals for different areas of the company such as power generation distribution and transmission. Among the teams, most of these professionals operate in the distribution area, with approximately 9,031 employees. The data refer to five dealers  operated by Neoenergia, located in five states and in the Federal District. Out of these, Coelba (BA) has 3,417 employees, Celpe (PE) has 2,242, Elektro (SP/MS) has 2,417, Cosern (RN) has 648, and CEB (DF) has 307 field employees.

We are committed to preserving continuity and quality of the essential power supply services and assistance to the population. Our teams operate on the field to ensure thar commitment, while complying with all health and safety protocols required to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. We have preserved all our activities since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 without compromising our operation", states Adriana Teixeira Martinez, HR Management superintendent for Neoenergia businesses.

Adriana points out that these are times that require additional precautions. For this reason, Neoenergia carries out initiatives to ensure employees' health and safety such as mandatory wearing of masks by all professionals, and distancing required among them. In the case of electricians, face shields are provided for times of contact with clients. Prevention measures are taken before work shifts, constant cleaning of hands and safety equipment – vehicles and cabinets are sanitized every day before works start. Moreover, awareness actions are conducted, and sanitation kits such as alcohol gel are supplied.

Our operators also have the HealthCheck, an online platform, where they can cave their weekly “health check-in": they answer five questions on how they feel both physically and emotionally, and how they are conducting their day-to-day precautions. The purpose of Neoenergia, considering the information, is to devise increasingly assertive strategies to fight Coronavirus. The tool, which can be accessed via PC or cell phone app, is one more ally for the well-being of the company employees, who are committed to ensuring reliability of power supply. 

The initiative is added to the 'Mais Apoio" (More Support) mental health program, which is available free of charge to all Neoenergia employees, trainees, and apprentices, as well as their dependents. The purpose is to provide guidance, with information and support to employees and their dependents confidentially, with services such as psychological assistance, financial and legal guidance, and social support.​​​​

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