Neoenergia receives SDG Brazil Global Compact 2019 Award

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Neoenergia won the SDG Global Compact 2019 Award in the Partnerships/Large Companies category. The company participated with the case Educational Energy Efficiency Actions, through the project Tô Ligado na Energia and the partnership with Carlinhos Brown in the use of the children's characters Paxuá and Paramim, created by the musician. 

The ceremony was held yesterday afternoon (5/16), in São Paulo, and was attended by the representative in Brazil of the United Nations Development Program, Katya Argueta and the president of Rede Brasil of the global compact, Denise Hills.  

The objective of the award is to value what has already been developed and to sensitize more companies to act in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and actions aligned with the global sustainability agenda. The accomplishment is of Rede Brasil of the Global Compact, initiative of the UN. This was the first edition of the award and Neoenergia competed with 800 registered participants. In the final phase, 36 finalists were chosen and 13 came out winners. 

This is the second important recognition of the project, which has already received the national award of the Brazilian Association of Business Communication (Aberje), in the category Communication of Programs for Corporate Sustainability. The educational project "Aventuras Eletrizantes de Paxuá e Paramim", which is part of the Energy Efficiency Program of the Distributors regulated by Aneel, was developed in Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro, with information for children on the safe and efficient use of electric energy. A creative idea to expand the ways of communicating specific content. 

The Festival is held in Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte by WWF Brazil and in Bahia by Rede Bahia de Comunicação.  "Working for the education of our children in combating electricity waste and preserving the environment is our focus on these projects and it is very good to be recognized through an award of this relevance. We must be proud of the legacy we are building, "celebrates Ana Mascarenhas, manager of Energy Efficiency at Neoenergia. 

Carlinhos Brown highlights the importance of the role of companies in this partnership with social development. "We can not disperse in relation to the SDGs, to the care we must take with the environment. This award, which reaches this collective of creators of Paxuá and Paramim, reaffirms the premise that we are on the right track, committed to the UN compact for a better world, "says the musician.  

The private sector plays an important role in achieving the SDGs. Of the 200 largest GDPs in the world, 157 are from companies, which show the extent of the economic power of organizations to help the country in the global sustainability agenda. Neoenergia develops actions aligned with all SGDs.​

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