Neoenergia offers a R$35 discount for customers paying their bills using credit card


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Neoenergia's customers, through Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro distributors having two or more bills due and choosing to make their payment using credit cards or the emergency aid card will have one more easy condition for settling their debts. In addition to dividing the bills in up to 12 installments with their credit cards, a R$ 35 discount will be granted, allowing a debt reduction and an easier negotiation. The payment shall be made directly at the website of the corresponding company, and the transaction uses Flexpag's platform, specialized in payment via credit and debit cards. This condition is valid for the first customers accessing the negotiation platform and who meet the criteria of the special action.


  • Access the website of the distributor in your region (Coelba | Celpe | Cosern | Elektro) and search for the option Payment with cards;
  • The customer shall inform the data of their credit card or emergency aid card, select the number of installments they wish and click in “Pay with card".
  • By selecting the number of installments, the customer can view the amount of each installment and the total amount including the card's service rate.
  • Then the customer shall type the discount code: NEO35. The discount will be applied directly to the final amount of the transaction.​

As the high number of bills in arrears may hinder the financial health of people, Neoenergia's distributors allow the payment of energy bills in up to 12 installments via credit card. Cards from Master, Visa, Hiper, Elo and Amex brands are accepted. This mode will also allow payment in one lump sum, without interest.

In order to facilitate the receipt and payment of the energy bills and also aiming at contributing to the health of all, customers may register to receive their bills via email and update data (mainly email and mobile phone), through online channels or app on smartphone or tablet. In addition, aiming at providing convenience and agility, several payment channels are provided to customers, such as internet banking and automatic debit. Customers may contact for clarifying doubts using further relation channels of the concessionaries:


Coelba: 71/3370-6350 | www.coelba.com.br  

If you are a Coelba's customer and wish to pay your bill via credit card, click here.

Celpe: 81/3217-6990 | www.celpe.com.br

If you are a Celpe's customer and wish to pay your bill via credit card, click here.

Cosern: 84/3215-6001 | www.cosern.com.br

If you are a Consern's customer and wish to pay your bill via credit card, click here.

Elektro: 19/2122-1696 | www.elektro.com.br    

If you are an Elektro's customer and wish to pay your bill via credit card, click here.

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