Neoenergia makes public call for energy efficiency projects

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Neoen​ergia has just opened public calls for energy efficiency projects at the company’s concessionaires – Coelba​ (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP/MS). By adding the selections from the four distribution companies, R$ 41.4 million will be provided for the selected actions, in accordance with the criteria set in the RFPs. The rules comply with the provisions of the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE), regulated by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel). The proposals may be bid by 01.13.2021.​​​

“The public call makes the selective process of the projects encompassed in the Energy Efficiency Program even more transparent and democratic. The objective is to encourage the more efficient use of energy, with sustainable practices”, Neoenergia’s Energy Efficiency Manager, Ana Christina Mascarenhas, said.

The distribution companies must allocate, on an annual basis, 0.5% of the net operating revenue to PEE, regulated by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel). All the consumers from government, commerce and services, public service, public and industrial lighting, who are not in delinquency with the concessionaires, may register. The projects having non-profit institutions as beneficiaries - including governmental and philanthropic or assistance units - will be performed upon the execution to a cooperation agreement, and the other projects will be performed through a performance agreement. The initiatives selected in this public call may be performed throughout 2021.

The resources from the public call made by Coelba will be allocated to improvement projects for the installation and generation of photovoltaic solar energy, an incentivized source, at industrial (R$ 7 million), public utilities (R$ 500 thousand) and commerce and services (R$ 1 million) sectors. The remaining resources will be for improvement of the installation at condominium (R$ 2 million), governmental buildings (R$ 1.5 million) and public lighting (R$ 1 million). The projects must have a minimum contribution of R$ 200 thousand by the Energy Efficiency Program.

The same typologies are provided for in Celpe’s RFP, with investments of up to R$ 5.2 million; R$ 1.2 million in public utilities; and R$ 1 million in commerce and services, for improvement of the installation and solar energy. At Cosern, the amounts for projects in the same areas will be R$ 1.5 million for industrial typology, R$ 500 thousand for commerce and services, R$ 1 million for condominiums and R$ 1 millioin for governmental buildings. Elektro’s industrial typology will have R$ 7 million; condominiums will have R$ 2 million; commerce and services will have R$ 1 million; and public utilities will have R$ 500 thousand.

The registrations may be made at the distribution companies’ websites.​





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