Neoenergia invests in analytics to improve customer experience


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Every second, a volume of data circulates on computers all over the world that no human being would be able to read. To transform all this information into knowledge that serves people, it is necessary to invest in robust technology that is capable of performing data analytics, that is, the analysis of data with intelligence. Focused on innovation, Neoenergia​ uses digital solutions to make the customer experience even simpler and more practical, with service journeys that focus on the consumer's vision.

“With analytics, we are able, in an automated way, to understand the behavior of our customers and deliver more adherent responses to their expectations very quickly, which improves satisfaction. Our forecast is to adopt more and more solutions, with the objective of always being ahead of trends to bring the most advanced level of technology and customer experiences to the electrical sector. This transformation of the customer experience using data science is done with a lot of strategy, security and governance, even considering all the requirements provided for in the General Data Protection Law​ to ensure a secure and robust data ecosystem’, says Neoenergia's Strategy and Digital Services manager, Renato Suplicy.

The company already uses analytics to improve the Customer Effort Score (CES), a metric that indicates the degree of consumer satisfaction. The indicators are fed in real time and, in the case of the chatbot available for WhatsApp​, for example, an issue assessed is the number of required interactions, hours of service and requested services, among other data. Crossing information like this, it is possible to make more assertive decisions to improve customer journeys and evolution of service channels.​​

Another advantage of analytics for Neoenergia is the possibility of improving proactive communications with customers, such as status of service requests, forecasts of energy restoration and other communications that allow the customer to have clarity at the right time of their requests. These are some examples, however, there are many other possibilities to be explored to improve the lives of customers, integrating technical and commercial systems and service channels. This level of customization of service is only possible with investment in robust automation technologies for all areas of the company.​​

In addition to these, other service solutions will be in the process of being implemented throughout 2021, within the Digital Connection Project​, considered the largest and most important Research and Development project regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) focused on the country's electricity sector customer. One of the project's products is the creation of a Data Lake ecosystem, a digital structure that will gather data from several sources and resources already operational and under development to further strengthen the strategy of transforming data into added value for customers and the business.​

Analytics can also be used to provide more efficiency to updating customer registration and avoid losses in public lighting. In this case, satellite images are used as a basis, which are compared with the registration information. The systems are able to verify that the number of poles and their location is equivalent to the data that are cataloged at the distributor.​


Launched in March this year, Digital Connection has more than 100 products to increasingly improve the experience of Neoenergia customers. Among the initiatives made available in recent months are the creation of a virtual assistant for Facebook and WhatsApp, the launch of the self-reading service and a debt trading platform and the possibility of using facial recognition to request a new energy connection. The company was the first in the electrical sector to offer the bill payment by Pix it's from invoice delivery by WhatsApp, yet another way to bring ease, convenience and innovation to customers.​​

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