Neoenergia's Innovation Laboratory develops solutions with agility and economy


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Tools were developed for the areas of wind and institutional relations, using platforms already adopted by the company​

Neoenergia delivered the first two solutions created within the scope of its innovation laboratory, LabNeo, which started at the end of last year as a pilot project to foster agility and develop talent. The first results already show advantages such as the reduction in the time of company activities, leading to resource savings. In addition to these first deliveries, LabNeo has already started a second wave of challenges, which in the coming months will develop a regulatory monitoring portal and a customer management tool.

“LabNeo is a project that is generating value for the business areas just six months after it started, both through the solutions developed and because it gives the vision that there are new ways to solve problems at a more affordable cost. We have an adaptive and evolutionary methodology, which favors the development of the best solutions with agility and economy", says the Innovation manager at Neoenergia, Bruno Melchior.

In the first phase, one of the platforms was created to meet the needs of the wind asset management area. The tool is used to compare the performance of parks operating in an automated way, generating savings of around 87% in working time thanks to the automation of the process. Neoenergia currently has an installed capacity of 516 MW in wind power, in 17 parks installed in three states – Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Bahia.

Data on the capacity factor of the projects are public, collected from the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE). Through the solution developed by LabNeo, these data are presented in intuitive graphics in an automated way and according to the company's analysis needs. "With the tool, we will be able to have advantages such as saving time for teams and the ease of access to information", explains Gustavo Pradel, engineer from Neoenergia and focal point of the area in the project.

The second solution is for risk analysis in the Institutional Relations Department, standardizing and optimizing the records of meetings with the external public, an activity that was previously estimated at 19 minutes and can now be carried out in six minutes. “The solution will help unify the meeting record keeping process and make the risk mapping automated, making the analysis work easier. Another great advantage was the development at no cost", says Institutional Relations analyst Priscilla Primo.

The two new solutions used features from the tool package already adopted by the company. “Thus, the company also ended up saving on the hiring of tools. In addition to the solution, our delivery also covers all documentation about the tool, with user manuals and all the technical details of the processes and technologies used in the development, providing the business area with all the necessary information to keep the tool up to date in accordance with to your needs", says the Innovation analyst and project mentor at Neoenergia, Samuel Sousa.

Carried out in partnership with CESAR School, an innovation school located in Porto Digital in Recife (PE), the project involves ten interns from the Computer Science and Design courses, as well as representatives from the business areas benefited by the solutions and from the Superintendence of Innovation and Sustainability of the company.

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