Neoenergia is highlighted in Valor 1000


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In the electric sector, the company ranks first in sustainable growth and 25th among the largest companies in Brazil

Neoenergia is highlighted in Valor 1000. The group is in the 25th position among the largest companies in Brazil, according to the 2020 results, and it is the 22nd largest company in the Southeast. It is also among the 20 with the highest net income, in 12th place in profit from activity and 16th in equity.

Among the companies in the electric sector, Neoenergia ranked 7th among the best, according to eight financial performance criteria, and 2nd in net revenues.  

The company ranks 1st in the sector in sustainable growth, and the leadership reaffirms the company's first value. The company's performance is based on several corporate policies that aim to ensure the alignment of all the group's companies with its commitment to the social dividend and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in relation to goals 7 and 13, concerning universal access to electricity and the fight against climate change.

To this end, the company innovates, undertakes new investments and adopts more efficient, sustainable, and clean technologies, promotes growth and develops the talent and technical and human capabilities of its professionals, works for people's safety, and strives to build a successful business project together with its entire value chain. The real and effective implementation of this sustainable development strategy is one of the key elements to differentiate the company in the Brazilian electric sector.

The 2021 ranking takes into account the companies' balance sheet data in 2020. The survey has been conducted for 20 years by professionals from Valor, Serasa Experian, and the Centro de Estudos em Finanças da Fundação Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV-EAE). For this year's publication, 1,102 financial statements were analyzed.  There are eight criteria evaluated in a standardized manner with different weights, being net revenue the most relevant for the final score.

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