Neoenergia distributors provide on-line training for 10 thousand teachers


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This initiative is part of the Education with Energy project, which, in 2021, will reach the company's new concessionaire, serving the Federal District

Conscious energy consumption is one of the main actions to combat climate change. Aiming to contribute to the education of future generations on the subject, Neoenergia's distributors have expanded the Education with Energy project, an initiative aimed at training teachers that is part of the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE), regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). Starting this Wednesday, June 23, courses with online classes and materials will be made available free of charge to about 10,000 teachers, at Nova Escola website.​

The contents are aligned with the energy approaches provided for in the National Common Curriculum Base (BNCC), which guide teaching throughout the country and includes themes on energy among the competencies for elementary school. The objective of the project is to indirectly impact about 600,000 students from four states in the concession areas of the company – Bahia (Coelba), Pernambuco (Celpe), Rio Grande do Norte (Cosern) and São Paulo (Elektro) - in addition to the Federal District, where the company operates since March through Neoenergia Distribution Brasília.  

“By training teachers, we seek to stimulate problem-based learning and design thinking methodologies, in addition to the skills set forth in the BNCC". Education with Energy project is also an investment in the future since we are taking energy efficiency to schools and, therefore, contributing to the education of generations about sustainable development and environmental preservation", says Neoenergia's Energy Efficiency manager, Ana Christina Mascarenhas.

Online training

Teachers in the concession areas will be able to participate in a self-instructional training track, with three live classes that will be recorded and shared with all participants. The first one, held this Wednesday, 23, will address how to work with energy in interdisciplinary projects in Elementary 2 education, the grade in which the BNCC provides for the study of the subject. The second live class will take place on June 30, focusing on how to use projects with students to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable development. On July 12, the theme will be: "Conscious consumption and energy efficiency - how to work the topic in hybrid education".

In addition to the lessons, teachers will have access to a digital community for interaction and a Nova Escola Box, which includes suggestions for online content and activities to be implemented in the classroom. The e-book "Brazil's energy matrix", science and geography activities on renewable sources such as solar and hydro, among other materials, are part of this material. The project will also offer to 100 teachers selected from Neoenergia's partner networks a tutored track, with awards.


The entire content uses the pedagogical guidelines of the Energia que Transforma (Energy that Transforms) project, created to integrate energy efficiency​ in several disciplines, stimulating the students' contextualization and autonomy. In addition to this methodology, the initiative encourages active methodologies among teachers and has synergy with the competencies and skills set out in BNCC. According to the national base, students in the final years of elementary school should have access to the concept of energy, including the sources and forms of electric energy generation, the power of equipment, calculation of energy consumption, and awareness of each one's responsibility in its use.

The project had been carried out on the basis of Energy that Transforms since 2014. Until 2020, the trainings took place in a face-to-face format, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, the activities needed to be adapted for digital media. Last year, educators were trained using the EAD platform educacaocomenergia.com.br in a pilot project in partnership with the Instituto Crescer, in Bahia and São Paulo - areas where Coelba and Elektro operate. A total of 2,202 educators were trained online.

Education with Energy

In addition to teacher training, Neoenergia's distributors carry out different activities with students in their concession areas. Over the past three years, 395,917 students, 13,594 teachers, and 3,029 schools have benefited from the Education with Energy and Elektro in Schools projects, targeted to the states where Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN), and Elektro (SP) operate, with initiatives such as Energy Classes, Tô Ligado na Energia Festival, Energy that Transforms, and actions involving the children's characters Paxuá and Paramim. In 2020, R$ 5.9 million were invested.


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