Neoenergia distributors alert for christmas decoration safety

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​​​​​The colorful Christmas lights can already be seen on the streets, shops, buildings and homes. In order to prevent accidents with electricity, distributors of Neoenergia, Coelba, Celpe, Cosern  and Elektro , reinforce safety guidelines regarding the handling and assembling the items that make up the 2019 Christmas decoration.


* Review the residence electrical installations with the assistance of a professional before assembling the 2019 Christmas decoration. This avoids overloading and possible burning of appliances.

* Watch out for conservation conditions of flashers used in previous years and avoid connecting worn ones with bare wires and exposed metal parts, as there is a risk of electric current scape and shock.

* Prefer Christmas trees made of fire resistant material and Inmetro certified ornaments. Flasher packages should contain information such as power, supply voltage and instructions for use. 

* Use a power strip to connect various tree plugs, cribs, and other decoration items, and avoid even the temporary use of so-called “T" (benjamins, a Brazilian type of connecting plugs).

* Assemble the electrical part of the decoration away from hazardous materials such as curtain fabrics, cardboard, fibers and Styrofoam, and pull wires away from metal structures, as they are conductive of electric current that may cause electric shock. 

* Only assemble the 2019 Christmas decoration with the power off and avoid touching wiring or replacing burnt out light bulbs with plugs connected to sockets. 

* Never turn off electrical appliances by pulling on cable or wiring. Use the plug to turn them off.

* Do not allow children to touch the Christmas decoration when it is on, since there is a risk of electric shock. 

* In the residences outdoors, take extra care during installation and removal of flashers to prevent electric shock as well as to avoid the risk of falling. Exposed to sun, rain and heat, wiring is more vulnerable and the possible presence of water increases the risk of electric shock - so it should only be assembled and removed with the home circuit breaker off. 

* Do not install Christmas decorations near energy poles, wires, or meters, and do not make illegal energy connections (the popular "cat", a Brazilian expression for illegal connections) to light outdoor decoration on streets. In addition to putting the lives of those who do it and those around them at risk, the "cat" is a crime, may cause appliances burning and short circuits that may overshadow Christmas celebrations.

* In case of accidents or occurrences, immediately turn off the circuit breaker of the residence and only then give help. Call SAMU (192) and your local distributor.​

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