Neoenergia moves forward with works at the Oitis Wind Farm

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The project, which is located between Piauí and Bahia, had its construction started in the fourth quarter of 2020, ahead of schedule, and continues at a fast pace, generating jobs in the region.

Neoenergia is moving forward with the construction works of Oitis Wind Farm​​, located in the cities of Dom Inocêncio (PI) and Casa Nova (BA). The works were started in 2020 year-end, three months ahead of the business plan and, at an accelerated pace, the company has already concreted 39 of the 103 foundations that will receive wind turbines, corresponding to more than 37% of the total. The project will be the largest one in Brazil, with 12 wind farms amounting to 566.5 MW installed capacity and its commercial operation is slated to the first half of 2022.

In addition to civil works of the wind farms in both states, services for the installation of Oitis substation were started, with the concreting of the transformers' base, as well as a 70-km transmission line, both with 500 kV voltage. This line will be used to flow the energy produced to Queimada Nova II (PI) substation, the Wind Complex connection point to the National Interconnected System (SIN).

“We are moving forward with the civil works, ahead of our business plan and promoting social and economic benefits to the region, in line with the company's purpose of fostering the sustainable development in its areas of operation. Currently, from the over one thousand professionals working in Oitis Wind Farm, almost 40% correspond to local workforce, providing jobs and income. We expect to reach 1.5 thousand jobs at the peak of the works", says Leandro Montanher, Neoenergia's Renewable Projects Superintendent.

Benefits for the region include the provision of free training courses and the donation of 520 basic food baskets for vulnerable families from the municipalities of Dom Inocêncio and São Raimundo Nonato, in Piauí, and Casa Nova, in Bahia. In addition to the classes for professional qualification in areas related to the wind farm's construction, aimed to enable people to seize the opportunities in the works, classes addressing topics such as the provision of food services, computer services, handcraft and good practices on solid waste were also started, under a partnership with S System.

Through a partnership with Piauí Government, Covid-19 vaccination has started for all the professionals who work in the construction sites of the ten farms in the state. In addition, Neoenergia donated to Dom Inocêncio Municipal Government 1,300 respiratory protection masks model PFF2, the most effective model in preventing coronavirus; 400 units of SWAB rapid tests and 200 rapid tests, among other materials to help fight the disease, such as gloves and 70% alcohol.

Covid-19 prevention measures are being adopted at the construction sites for all employees. The use of masks and the distancing between professionals is mandatory. The company strengthened the cleaning of working environments and the guidelines on personal care and provided protective equipment.

96% of the energy produced in the new wind project will be sold at the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), showcasing a Neoenergia's new business model, more focused on the free market. Part of the energy has already been traded, ensuring the expected rates of return. The 566.5 MW installed power is equivalent to enough energy to supply a city with 2.7 million inhabitants, the population of capitals such as Salvador (BA). Since it is a clean energy source, Oitis will avoid the emission of 1.2 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere for 20 years, which is equivalent to the emissions of approximately 330 thousand popular cars, that is, the fleet of Florianópolis (SC).

Progress in other projects

Neoenergia is also moving forward with the implementation of Chafariz Wind Farm​​, under construction in Paraíba. Going beyond the expectations of the business plan, the project's first 29 wind turbines started commercial operation and have an installed capacity corresponding to 100.48 MW. Delivery is 17 months ahead of the beginning of the agreement in the regulated market.

A total of 136 turbines will be distributed in 15 wind farms, amounting to a 471.2 MW in installed power. The commissioning of the equipment was enabled by the early startup of other company's project in the region, Santa Luzia transmission line, which is part of lot 6 of the auction held by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) in December 2017.  The first stretch was delivered, including a new substation and a 124-kilometer line, with a voltage of 500 kV, between the cities of Santa Luzia and Campina Grande. The substation will be the connection point of Chafariz to SIN and started operations 21 months ahead of the term scheduled by the regulatory agency.

​The project features operational synergy with Luzia solar plants, whose construction work was started by Neoenergia in May and is in the earth-moving phase of the substation plateau.  The plants will have installed capacity of 149.3 MWp and this is the first company’s large project for centralized photovoltaic generation. The works were started with 100% of energy sold in ACL up to 2026. The company expects to start commercial operation in the second half of 2022.

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