Neoenergia expands investments in renewables by 246% and expands wind generation


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Company completed the construction of the Neoenergia Chafariz Wind Farm, totaling 471 MW of installed capacity, and almost doubled its wind portfolio 


With a focus on expanding clean energy generation, Neoenergia invested R$ 3.1 billion in the renewables segment in 2021, an increase of 246% over 2020. The resources allowed the progress in the construction of strategic projects for the company. The highlight was the early completion of the Neoenergia Chafariz Wind Farm (PB), today the largest company in operation in the country, totaling 471 MW of installed capacity. The new assets boosted wind generation, which was 758 GWh in the fourth quarter, an increase of 35.35% over the same period a year earlier. In the year, the generation was 2,313 GWh, 23.16% higher than in 2020.  

Fountain has, in total, 15 parks located in a region where the company operates the Neoenergia Santa Luzia transmission line and is building the Neoenergia Luzia Solar Park, projects that generate sustainable development for the northeastern Hinterland. The first park had the operation started in July 2021 and, throughout the semester, the company advanced with the works and assembly of the turbines, starting the operation of 135 wind turbines. The speed of delivery made Fountain contribute to the strengthening of the safety of the electricity sector during the water crisis.  

Of the total investments of the year, R$ 2.8 billion went to wind farms. Wind projects contribute to the decarbonization of the economy and are aligned with the targets of neutralising emissions by 2050. By the end of 2022, the company will reach the milestone of tripling the portfolio of wind assets, reaching 1.6 GW, and reach 90% of installed capacity in renewables.  

Neoenergia ended 2021 with 32 wind farms in operation , with an installed capacity of 987 MW. Today, it is almost double compared to the beginning of the year, which was 516 MW. At the end of 2022, with the delivery of the Neoenergia Oitis Wind Farm, under construction between Piauí and Bahia, the portfolio of wind assets will total 1.6 GW.  

In Oitis, the assembly of the first wind turbines that will produce clean energy in the 12 parks of the project, which will be the largest of the company in the country, with an installed capacity of 566.5 MW, was started in December, enough to supply a city with 2.7 million inhabitants. In all, there will be 103 turbines, one of the most modern and efficient models in the global market.  

In the works of the two wind projects, 40% of the workforce was formed by local residents, contributing to economic growth and professional training in these regions. With the construction of the parks, we are also able to stimulate the economy of our areas of activity, with the generation of employment and income and the realization of social and environmental actions.  

Neoenergia's new wind assets also reflect the company's positioning strategy in liberalizing the Brazilian energy market. With Chafariz and Oitis, 51% of the portfolio will be destined to the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR) and 49% to the Free Contracting Environment (FTA). In Oitis, 96% of the energy will go to the free market.  


The company assisted in the safety of the electricity sector during the 2021 water crisis, in addition to its wind assets, through Neoenergia Termopernambuco (PE). In the year, there was a power generation 33.92% higher than that of 2020, reaching 3,194 GWh. 

The plant also stood out for being one of the winners of the Capacity Reserve Auction, held in December 2021, in which all its available capacity of 498 MW was sold at the power price of R$ 487,412.70 MW/year, with delivery beginning on July 1, 2026, ensuring fixed power revenue of R$ 207 million per year. The contract is valid for 15 years.  ​​

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