Instituto Neoenergia inaugurates new illumination of the fortress of Barra Grande

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The Neoenergia Institute inaugurated in April the new lighting of the Fortaleza de Santo Amaro da Barra Grande, a national historical heritage, located in Guarujá. Known for its beautiful view of the Bay of Santos, the monument is the only Spanish fortification in Brazil and is part of the list of competitors to the title of Historic Patrimony by UNESCO. The fortification houses the Historical Museum, a place much visited by students of the region. 

The lighting project, besides valueing the historical importance of the monument, replaced all the existing electrical and lighting system with a new, more efficient system. The building's internal facilities, erected in 1584, were fully revitalized, illuminating and supplying energy in previously unattended spaces. The external area also received new points of illumination that highlight the walls of the fortification. 

In addition to the preservation of artistic and cultural heritage, the new electrical system provides an efficiency of 25% in relation to the old lighting project. Installed equipment is expected to last 20 times longer than conventional lighting, which significantly reduces the on-site maintenance cost.  The revitalization project was conducted in partnership with Formarte and Guarujá Municipality, through the Secretary of Culture.  

"Participating in this revitalization represents our commitment to Brazilian historical, artistic and cultural values, in line with the work developed worldwide by other foundations of Iberdrola, in the scope of Art and Culture," commented Renata Chagas, Director of the Institute.

The secretary of Culture of Guarujá, Marcelo Nicolau, affirms that the action carried out by the Neoenergia Institute is essential for the Fortaleza da Barra Grande in the dispute for the title of World Heritage of UNESCO.

"The revitalization of the lighting of Fortaleza da Barra is important mainly for the visibility of our heritage, but also an incentive to the activities that will be carried out with a better structure and the fomentation of the pride that the population feels when attending a symbol of history and culture the city rekindle." 


​The purpose of the Institute is to foster the development of social actions in areas where the Neoenergia Group, its maintainer, operates through its generation, transmission, commercialization and energy distribution business, where it has concession areas in Bahia (Coelba) , Pernambuco (Celpe), Rio Grande do Norte (Cosern), in addition to cities in São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, through Elektro. All Foundations of the Iberdrola Group are governed by the same Master Plan, which defines the objectives of the projects developed in all countries in which the Group operates. For the 2018 to 2022 cycle, the challenge of the Neoenergia Institute is to collaborate directly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

The main objectives are the contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable people and the commitment to sustainable development, through carrying out projects in the scope of the following pillars: Training and Research, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Art and Culture, Social Action and Institutional Collaboration, which seeks alliances to achieve the SDGs.


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