Instituto Neoenergia and the government of Rio Grande do Norte deliver new lighting of the Câmara Cascudo Memorial

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Instituto Neoenergia, a social action branch of the controller group of Cosern, and the Rio Grande do Norte State government, through Fundação José Augusto, deliver the new cultural lighting set for the Câmara Cascudo Memorial, at Natal's Historic Center, next Thursday (13), 7:00 P.M. 

The event will be attended by representatives of Fundación Iberdr​ola España, Neoenergia, Cosern, family members of folklorist Luis da Câmara Cascudo (1898-1986), artists, intellectuals and State Government authorities.  

During the delivery of the new lighting set, the audience may also enjoy the presentations of the project Conexão Felipe Camarão, theater performance “Quintal de Luis", performed by the Estação de Teatro theatre group, which narrates the folklorist's life, and the inauguration of Largo Gumercindo Saraiva, an open space located at the building's patio in which soirées and small theater acts will be held, under responsibility of FJA. Events will be open to the public.  

The new lighting of the Câmara Cascudo Memorial is part of a historical, cultural and artistic heritage appreciation program of monuments located in the states where Neoenergia operates. Monuments in other Brazilian states also received new lighting, as part of the same action, such as Forte das Cinco Pontas, in Recife, Fortaleza da Barra Grande, in Guarujá, São Paulo, and the Cruz de Cabrália, in Santa Cruz de Cabrália, Bahia.   

The new lighting of the Memorial comprises 53 LED lamp spotlights to illuminate the Câmara Cascudo statue and the facade of the historical building. The system is fully automated and the lamps are turned on and off according to natural lighting in the region, detected by sensors.

It is estimated that this new lighting system using LED lamps and automatic sensors, compared to traditional systems (using discharge lamps and manually activated) generates a 65% decrease in energy consumption of the building. 

According to Renata Chagas, Officer of the Instituto Neoenergia, the choice of the Câmara Cascudo Memorial was made with Fundação José Augusto, due to the national importance of the Potiguar (born in Rio Grande do Norte) folklorist, the architectural relevance of the building and the historical site in which it is located (at the André de Albuquerque Square, ground zero of the foundation of Natal). “This is a significant contribution to the Potiguar culture, and might represent a new moment for appreciation of the historic center of Natal", says Renata. 

For Crispiniano Neto, Chairman of Fundação José Augusto, the new lighting developed for the Câmara Cascudo Memorial is an important example of how the government, the private sector and third parties are able to cooperate in order to provide appreciation to the historical and cultural heritage of Rio Grande do Norte. “We understand that these lights will not only highlight the building's facade, but also help draw the attention of the Potiguar society to the actions developed by the State Government through Fundação José Augusto within this scenario", says Crispiniano. 


Built in 1857 to hold the Royal Treasury back in imperial days, the neoclassical-style building has held the Fiscal Station (1952-1955) and the Army’s Headquarters (1955-1977). Since 1987, it houses the Câmara Cascudo Memorial, in order to preserve and spread the works of the greatest Brazilian folklorist. The personal library of Luis da Câmara Cascudo is located there, holding over 10 thousand books.


Instituto Neoenergia, responsible for Neoenergia's Private Social Investment, a controller company of Cosern, carries out initiatives in order to contribute for the improvement of quality of life on the planet and the communities in which the Group operates, developing social projects, always in line with its pillars of operation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN).​


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