Elba Ramalho’s original live concert opens Neoenergia’s Saint John campaign


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Many are the changes caused by coronavirus pandemic. It’s time to review habits and reinventing ourselves. This will be no different with the traditional Saint John’s parties in the Northeast region of the country that used to attract thousands of people every year.  With no gathering in the streets, the public will have all eyes turned to the cell phone, computer or TV screens to watch, live, in Saint Anthony’s Day, June 13, Elba Ramalho’s performance, direct from the artist’s home in Rio de Janeiro. 

One of the main stars of these celebrations in Brazil, Elba was expected to open the Caruaru’s party, in Pernambuco, on June 23. With the event cancellation, she will make her first performance in the June season in a Live Concert promoted by Neoenergia, one of the main companies in Brazilian electric sector, to be broadcasted at the singer’s channel in YouTube.

This year, we will not have the warm of the meetings around the bonfire, but we will have the warm of our hearts, because the party is alive in our emotions.  We will not have crowded squares, but my singing will get even beyond and reach all those who value our culture and celebrate Saint John’s party.  The party will be different, will be virtual, but will not be that different, as we will have the accordion, triangle and zabumba and a lot of good music”, says Elba Ramalho.

The purpose of the action is to celebrate the traditional party and encourage a safe and conscious Saint John’s party. During the show, the singer will share tips and important information to avoid electric accidents at home. In addition, the virtual concert will feature Dona Néia, a character of Neoenergia’s campaign, who will keep providing safety guidance after Saint John’s party. ​

 “We adapted the communication format for Saint John campaign, which is being celebrated differently this year. What we used to do in the party places, face-to-face with the public, regarding the care with the electric network is being made on a virtual basis and we trust that our purpose will be reached”, says Marcus de Barros Pinto, External Communication superintendent at Neoenergia.

The virtual event broadcasting will start at 4:00 pm, Brasília time, with a “warming event” headed by chef Batista, the partner of Claude Troisgros French chef. He will teach the audience how to prepare a typical meal of the June parties. After the cooking class, the dancer couple Ju Paiva (former FitDance) and Dam will teach some classic forro dancing steps so that everybody may practice. At 5:00 pm, Elba will start the concert, with live broadcasting nationwide. The singer will be accompanied by Marcos Arcanjo at the guitar, Rafael Meninão at the accordion and Anjo Caldas at percussion. The structure prepared for the performance complies with all guidance issued by the health authorities, keeping the social distancing.


The main purpose of the entire strategy is the effective communication of the importance of keeping energy safety as a premise for Brazilians’ daily routine. In order to encourage and raise awareness, the company entered into partnerships with 27 digital influencers in Neoenergia’s distributors areas: Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP/MS) aiming at getting closer to the audience from the communities in these places.

At the social media, influencers advise, on clear and educational manner, on the care required to keep the safety inside and outside home. In this sense, these professionals had undergone an immersion on the matter with Neoenergia’s specialists and produced exclusive contents with information on how to avoid home accidents, sharing real histories and in line with the reality of each region.

Our expectation is to impact people who lack this information. This is a sincere dialogue on the care and the importance of keeping this focus on the daily life. Our partners have a deep knowledge of this audience and are inserted in the same reality, so we believe in the assertiveness of this communication around a so relevant matter”, concludes Marcus de Barros Pinto.

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