Potiguar Sul

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Potiguar Sul Transmissão de Energia S.A. is a closely-held company, fully controlled by Neoenergia Group. Incorporated on August 13, 2013, the company is responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the first Neoenergia's 500 kV-energy transmission line. The term for the service concession is 30 years.   

Potiguar Sul was incorporated when Neoenergia was the winner of Lot G in ANEEL 001/2013 transmission auction.  The project comprises the construction, operation and maintenance of circuit 2 of the 500kV-Transmission Line with connection in substations Campina Grande III, in Paraíba State and Ceará-Mirim II, in Rio Grande do Norte, amounting to around 190 km and crossing 25 cities. Its purpose is to flow out the wind generation arising from the alternative source reserve energy auction held in 2011, located in Rio Grande do Norte. This enterprise started its commercial operation on November 07, 2016. 

Know the assets of Potiguar Sul that integrate de basic network. 

​​500-kV Transmission Lines

Campina Grande III-Ceará Mirim II C2


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