Paraíba Wind Complex

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Paraíba Wind Complex is the first one in Paraíba state's hinterland, marking Neoenergia's pioneering spirit in the region. In total, the complex comprises 18 parks, 3 of which are already in operation - Canoas, Lagoa I and Lagoa II - and 15 more in different implementation stages

Canoas, Lagoa I and Lagoa II parks are equipped with 15 wind turbines each, with installed capacity of 31.5 MVA. Located in the cities of São José do Sabugí, Santa Luiza and Junco do Seridó, the three parks had their construction works started in 2014, with R$500 million-investment and their start-up occurred in the months of September and October 2017.

The 15 parks under construction, which will comprise Chafariz Complex, have regulatory forecast for completion up to 2023. After the start-up, Paraíba Complex will have installed capacity of 565 MW, thanks to its 181 wind turbines, described below:

  • 136 SG132 wind turbines, with 3.4 MW in unitary power, one of the most modern and efficient models in the market, with 65 m-long blades.

  • 45 G114 wind turbines, with 2.1 MW in unitary power.

Paraíba Wind Complex's expansion will position Brazil as the country with the highest wind power within Iberdrola Group in Latin America.


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