Awards and Recognitions

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Our companies invest in service quality, good service and socio-environmental responsibility. It is with these principles that we accumulate the recognition of institutions from differente segmentes.


 Accordion | AWARDS 2020


Neoenergia was recognized in gold category of Best Strategy of Citizen-Oriented Operation in the award of the Latin American Alliance of Customer- Interacting Organizations (ALOIC). The award is in its 9th edition and recognizes companies' best practices in customer relations in Latin America.



Neoenergia's distributors (Celpe, Coelba, Cosern and Elektro) were ranked among the 15 best distributors in the country in electric energy supply continuity, assessed based on DEC and FEC (Duration and Frequency of Interruptions) performance. The ranking, disclosed annually by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), informed the historical levels achieved by distribution services quality in Brazil in 2019. 


 Accordion | AWARDS 2019

SDG 2019 Award

Neoenergia won the SDG Global Compact 2019 Award, in the category Large Companies - Partnerships, with the case  Energy Efficiency  Educational Actions, which highlighted the Tô Ligado na Energia Festival project and the partnership with Carlinhos Brown in the use of children's characters Paxuá and Paramim, which provide guidance on the safe and efficient use of electricity.

Aneel Ombudsman Award 2019 

Cosern's Ombudsman was recognized for the 2nd consecutive year as the best in Brazil in the category large companies, at the 2nd edition of the award created by the National Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel) to highlight the best Ombudsman of Electrical Energy Distributors in Brazil.

Excellence Certificate 

The Trip Advisor travel website, one of the most visited in the world, granted, for the second consecutive year, the Excellence  Certificate  to the Aulas de Energia (Energy Classes in English)- Espaço Usina Solar Fernando de Noronha project. Inaugurated in 2016, the interactive space is part of the Energy Classes project of Celpe's Energy Efficiency Program, regulated by the National Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel), and is today one of the main educational tourist attractions of the marine archipelago.

Smart Award 

The distributors of NeoenergiaCelpe (PE), Coelba (BA), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP/MS),  won the Smart Award, in the Respect to the Customer category, with the case "The customer is everything to us", a movement that focuses on the journey and experience of the customer.

Best Internship Program 2018 Award 

For the fourth time, Celpe, distributor of Neoenergia, won the Best Internship Program 2018 award, conceived by the Centro de Integração Empresa Escola de Pernambuco - CIEE-PE. The award is in its 17th edition and recognizes companies for good practices related to interns. 

Customers SA 2019 Award 

The distributors of NeoenergiaCelpe (PE), Coelba (BA), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP/MS), received the highest recognition in Service in the Visionary category of the Customers SA 2019 Award​. The companies were recognized with the case: The client is everything to us, receiving the Gold title.​ ​

Abradee 2019 

Elektro and Cosern were recognized as the two best energy distributors of Brazil, by the Brazilian Association of Electrical Energy Distributors (Abradee). This is already the 10th consecutive time that Elektro has won first place in the award. Besides the main award, both were well placed in other categories. Coelba, distributor of Neoenergia Group in Bahia, in turn, was in third place in Performance Evolution. ​ 

Whow! Innovation 2019 Award

Neoenergia was elected the most innovative company in the national electrical sector. The recognition was made by the Whow! Innovation 2019 Award. The company was the highlight in the Energy and Utilities category, with its Smart Grids project, recognized as an example of pioneering technology and innovation in the electrical sector. The award's organization evaluated the main companies that are protagonists in the generation of innovative products and services. 

500 Best and Largest  

Ranking of the "500 Best and Largest" companies in Brazil, published by Exame Magazine. Neoenergia ranks 24th among the 200 largest groups in the country. Neoenergia's distributors also performed well.

Valor 1000

Neoenergia is again among the 30 largest companies in Brazil,according to data from the 19th edition of Valor 1000, a yearbook prepared by Valor Econômico newspaper in partnership with Serasa Experian and the Escola de Administração de Empresas da Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Marco Maciel Award

Neoenergia was elected the best private organization at the Marco Maciel Award: Ethics and Transparency,developed by the Brazilian Association of Institutional and Government Relations (ABRIG). The award, which is in its 2nd edition, aims to honor companies and professionals who stand out for their performance in the country in terms of ethics and transparency. 

CEBDS Women's Leadership Award

Laura Cristina de Fonseca Porto, Renewables Director of Neoenergia, was one of the winning executives of the 2019 edition of the CEBDS Women's Leadership Award, in the Associated Companies category. In its third edition, the recognition was idealized with the objective of boosting the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goal - SGD 5 in Brazil, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030. 

The Energy Sector Award

The project for efficient management of public lighting on the island of Fernando de Noronha, developed by the Neoenergia Group, was recognized as a reference in lighting systems during the Energy Sector Award, held at the 36th Circuito Nacional do Setor Elétrico (Cinase). 

Época Negócios Complaints Here Award

Three Neoenergia Group distributors were indicated in the category of Service Concessionaire of the Época Negócios Complaints HERE AwardElektro, distributor of Neoenergia in São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, was recognized with the first place. with over 39 thousand votes. In second and third place are Celpe and Coelba, Neoenergia's distributors in Pernambuco and Bahia, who had 15 and 11 thousand votes, respectively. 

Exame Sustainability Guide 2019

The Exame Sustainability Guide 2019 placed Neoenergia among the companies in the electricity sector above average in two indicators: Ethics and Transparency and Human Rights. The magazine highlights major initiatives, such as the School of Electricians for Women project, the environmental actions carried out in the Usina Hidrelétrica Teles Pires and the Vale Luz project which enables the exchange of recyclable waste for discounts on the energy bill and encourages the practice of selective garbage collection.

Companies that Best Communicate with Journalists Award 

Neoenergia was recognized, for the second consecutive year, in the Companies that Best Communicate with Journalists Award, promoted by the Communication Studies Center in partnership with the Negócios da Comunicação magazine.

Pro-Ethics Seal

For the third time in a row, Neoenergia was one of the Pro-Ethics Company 2018-2019 award winning companies, promoted by the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and Apex-Brasil. The initiative seeks to foster public recognition of companies committed to preventing and combating corruption and striving for a more ethical corporate environment.

Spanish Sustainability Chamber Award

The Energia do Futur​o (Future Energy in English) project was the winner in the Innovation category at the 7th Spanish Sustainability Chamber Award, an initiative that recognizes companies with the best practices for business. The Future Energy project is developed in the cities of Atibaia, Bom Jesus dos Perdões and Nazaré Paulista, in the countryside of São Paulo. At these places, a new operating model strongly based on intelligent grid technologies is being implemented​.

 Accordion | AWARDS 2018

1st National Award of Asset Management of the Electric Sector 

Neoenergia was the winning in the Technology and Innovation category, with the case Excellence in Control and Asset Management brings Economic-Financial Result for companies in the Electric Sector. The award was created by Instituto Brasileiro do Cobre (Procobre) to recognize the best practices applicable to the national electric sector in concessionaires and permissionaires 'asset management. 

Prêmio Abradee 2018

For the ninth time, Elektro was chosen as the Best Electric Energy Distributor in the Country, award given by Associação Brasileira de Distribuidores de Energia Elétrica. 

Prêmio Aberje 2018 

Recognition in the category of Best Audiovisual Project in the Country with the webseries “Massarandupió: an inspiration for the future", which tells the stories of inhabitants of a quilombola community, a hundred kilometers distant from Salvador (BA). 

Prêmio Época Reclame Aqui 

Celpe, Coelba and Cosern were finalists in the Service Concessionaire category. The award - known as the Oscar of the Brazilian service - was won by Celpe, which received more than 21 thousand votes. 

Prêmio ODS Brasil – Menção Honrosa

The Project of energy efficiency “Vale Luz", developed by distributors Coelba, Celpe and Cosern got honorable mention at the first edition of Prêmio ODS Brasil, which recognizes practices that contribute for achieving the objectives and goals of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. 

Transparency in Corporate Reports 

Neoenergia ranked first in the ranking Transparency in Corporate Reports 2018, among the 100 largest companies and the ten largest banks in Brazil, according to report published by Transparency International. 


Neoenergia was of the 23 awarded by Pró-Ética 2017, a program of the Ministry of Transparency and Office of Comptrollers General (CGU), that is now biannual. The Pró-Ética Stamp recognizes companies that have effective integrity programs and meet the requirements of the Brazilian anti-corruption legislation. Neoenergia and Elektro also obtained the Stamp in 2016. 

Best Companies to Work 

Elektro distributor was elected for the fourth time the best company to work in Latin America by the Great Place to Work (GPTW). 

Prêmio Love Mondays – The most loved in Brasil 

​Elektro recorded grade 4.12 out of 5, which represents very satisfied, and it´s in the 35th position among the 50 companies in Brazil elected as the most loved ones. The assessments of the ranking were recorded between January and November, 2018. 

Prêmio Câmara Espanhola de Sustentabilidade 

With the project Sustainable Technologies for Fernando de Noronha, Neoenergia got the prize Grandes Empresas do Prêmio Câmara Espanhola de Sustentabilidade 2018, which recognizes companies actions in social, environmental and governance areas. 

500 Maiores Empresas do Brasil 

Neoenergia advanced 11 positions in the ranking of the top 500 companies in Brazil, in the research 2018 of  Época Negócios magazine. The company climbed from 38th para the 27th position, with and advance of 38% of the net sales between years 2016 and 2017, and group growth in 27% in net profit and 69% in equity. 

Melhores e Maiores 2018 

Neoenergia climbed 12 positions in the ranking of the 200 largest groups in Brazil, moving from the 36th to the 24th position in the yearbook Melhores e Maiores 2018, published on August 13 by Exame magazine. Neoenergia Comercialização advanced 240 positions in the ranking of the largest companies in Brazil and now ranks 309th among the 500 top in sales, in addition of being the 5th company in the country with greater wealth generation by employee (being the 3rd in the energy sector in this category).​​​