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​​Equipment for shoe cleaning prevents coronavirus​


Research shows that the new coronavirus (Covid-19) stays in some surfaces for hours or even several days, depending on the material it is deposited.

In order to mitigate the risk of spreading, Termopernambuco, a Neoenergia group's thermal power plant, installed a shoe cleaning equipment in its facilities.

After collecting many ideias and suggestions from employees aimed at promoting the sterilization of those moving inside the plant, an outsourced professional proposed and developed a simple and functional invention: a shoe cleaning machine, actived by a pedal.  


The pedal is activated by the feet movement, and a valve is activated. Then, a 0.5%-sodium hypochlorite water flush (bleach) is released. At this point, the water flush is spreaded to the shoe sole, removing dirties and potentital contamination.

The invention was installed in the main entry of the plant, and the shoe cleaning is mandatory to all employees accessing the thermal plant facilities.

This equipment, developed with own resources, has a mechanism allowing a fast and agile shoe cleaning, optmizing the employee's time while preserving everyone's heath, safety and well-being.

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