Our team is out in the streets to ensure your energy!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​We work every day to ensure quality supply to our 14 million distribution clients. But not only that.  Out operations teams in the hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, transmission lines and business, spread over 18 Brazilian States, are also key to the good functioning of the national power sector.


 Now, more than ever, electric energy is seen as an essential asset to everyone. More than lighting a bulb, it enables us through this moment of social isolation with more comfort and structure in our homes, either by working from home, to keep our household appliances on, or loading our electronic devices which allow us to maintain contact with our family members and friends who are now physically distant.

Thinking more specifically in core services in this moment of crisis, electric energy is key for keeping hospitals, drug stores, supermarkets, communications means, among other, working properly.

Due to the current pandemic of the new coronavirus, we implemented the recommended preventive measures by the competent authorities. All our collaborators that perform administrative roles are now working in a home office model. However, our front line teams operations and customer service are working around the clock to ensure proper service to clients and ensure operations, coordinated by the National System Operator (ONS) of our power grid.


For this reason, we prepared this tribute to all professionals who are putting in their best efforts in order to maintain essential services all over the country. Special mentions to our electricians, technicians, operators and assistants that are out in the streets as true heroes, ensuring a high quality and reliable service to millions of Brazilians.

#STAYHOME for them!

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