Termope collects over a ton of food to a community in Pernambuco

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Termopernambuco Power Plant, in an action coordinated by CIPA, collected 1.4 thousand kilos of food, cleaning and personal hygiene supplies and, in a partnership with Transforma Brasil, made donations to the NOG Salve Maracaípe, in Ipojuca, which passed it out to the Shellfish Community of Maracaípe, next to the Plant. Over 200 families were benefited by this action.

“In our daily meetings for Covid-19 Contingency Plan, in addition to discussing ideas for prevention and sanitation, we realized the need for doing something to provide a social contribution to the community in which we operate", says the Manager Valdenia Barros. “At the onset, we thought: 'well, we have around 300 employees in the plant, so if each one brings one kilo, we will be able to help some families', but everyone was engaged and the action was successful", she says.

In addition to the donation of basic baskets, Termope also produced 7,650 fabric masks - to be distributed to Termope's employees and their families, service providers and families, the Shellfish Community and Civil Firefighters from Maracaípe. These masks were produced by Camela's Seamstress Cooperative, in and action aligned with Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5. The partnership with the community, in addition to contributing to 15 seamstresses' income, also provided the maintenance of the sewing machines. “Now we are ready to return to work when all this comes to an end", they celebrate.

The collection and delivery of donations were organized as to avoid gatherings and meet all recommendations to prevent coronavirus spread, such as the use of masks and hand sanitizing and products with water, soap and alcohol gel. And the balance was very positive, not only to the beneficiaries but also to the employees engaged in the cause.

“The action awakened the solidarity, sometimes asleep. We believed that the action would only help the community, but it also helped us as well. It helped us to see that there's a world out there and with little attitudes we can contribute to make it better", concludes Valdenia.

This action reiterates Neoenergia's commitment in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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