Brazilian under-23 cycling champion Tota Magalhães is the new ambassador of the Neoenergia brand

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​​​​​Neoenergia executives during signing of a contract with cyclist Tota Magalhães​​​

Neoenergia announced the sponsorship of the Brazilian under-23 road cycling and time trial champion, Ana Vitória Magalhães, to Tota. During the two-year contract, the athlete, born in Rio de Janeiro, will compete on the European circuit, at the highest level of world cycling. The expectation of the cyclist, who will represent the Spanish team Bizkaia Durango, is to evolve and learn in this important career step.

The announcement reinforces Neoenergia's position of investing in the development of women's sport in Brazil and, mainly, in the training of young athletes. The company also sponsors the Brazilian women's soccer teams and the Brazilian Championship of the sport

"Sponsorship reinforces our investment in gender equity and commitment to supporting women's sport in Brazil. By creating opportunities to increase women's participation in society, we go in search of equality. We remain firm in this goal," said Eduardo Capelastegui, CEO of Neoenergia.

According to the contract, neoenergia's brand will be exposed by the athlete during her individual training in equipment such as helmet, bratelle, shirt, cap and other items that allow the use of advertising, as well as on social media. The cyclist will maintain exclusive sponsorship in relation to companies in the energy sector.  



"The arrival of Tota and cycling reinforces the strategic positioning of the Neoenergia brand and its value proposition.  We will be together, especially in the digital environment, so that it always has the energy it needs. The incentive to women's sport mirrors our integrating strength, in which we add talents and diversity for a purpose for all. The sport has this connection with our brand in the search for equality, inspiration and respect", says the marketing director of Neoenergia, Lorenzo Perales.

This year, the athlete sponsored by Neoenergia prepares for the first season in Europe. Tota Magalhães says that sponsorship comes at an important moment of career growth towards qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

"I feel even more motivated. I want to be part of a generation of young people who make a difference in the world, who are aware of important issues such as the use of renewable energy and energy transition. It's a commitment of everyone and everyone. Energy has everything to do with what I do and this partnership gives me more willingness to put more power on the pedal by competitions", says Tota Magalhães.

In addition, Neoenergia arrives at a very important moment in the athlete's career. 'In 2023, I'm doing my first season in Europe, competing with the best in the world and I'm sure this union will be very successful so i can have the best results,' she added.

Profile Tota Magalhães - 22 years old (24/10/2000)

Brazilian under-23 champion of road cycling and time trial, Tota has always enjoyed playing sports since she was a child. Carioca, he came to play soccer in teams in Rio de Janeiro, as a child, but in his early teens, at the age of 13, he fell in love with the bike when he saw his family leave for a commemorative pedal to Christ the Redeemer. She can't go on the ride, but she's trained a lot from that day on.

For 2023, Tota will compete on the European circuit at the highest level of world cycling. The expectation of the cyclist, who will represent the Spanish team Bizkaia Durango, is to be able to evolve and learn in this important career step.  

​​Neoenergy and women's sport in Brazil

A signatory to the PRINCIPLES of Women's Empowerment of the UN, Neoenergia has structured actions such as the realization of more inclusive selection processes, wage equity and the formation of leaders for diversity management. The initiatives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with which the group is committed.

The contract with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) for sponsorship of the women's soccer teams, both the main and the basic, and the Brazilian Women's Football Championship was signed in 2021 and lasts until 2024. Until then, the company will continue to support major championships such as the 2023 Women's World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Since the beginning of the partnership, in 2021, Neoenergia has been following the Brazilian women's, main and basic teams. The support serves about 575 athletes and enables the good conditions of training and professional training of all.

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