Neoenergia starts assembly of 136 wind turbines of wind complex in paraíba


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Neoenergia is going ahead with the implementation of Chafariz Wind Complex, in Paraíba, which will feature 471,2 MW power capacity. The company has just started the assembly of the first wind turbines for the project. In total, the plant will feature SG-132 136 turbines, with unity capacity of 3.465 MW, one of the most moderns in the market. The 15 new farms are expected to start operation in 2022, being part of the group’s strategy of expanding clean energy generation thus contributing to the de-carbonization of economy and the fights against climate change.

“We are now starting a new stage in Chafariz Wind Complex implementation, which is one of our main projects in the country. We selected these wind turbines because they are one of the most cutting-edge and efficient models in the market, besides the advantage of being produced in Bahia and Pernambuco, representing yet another way to foster the development of the economy and job creation in the Northeast region," says Neoenergia's Renewable Projects Superintendent, Leandro Montanher.

Turbines used in the wind complex feature resin fiber blades that are 64.5 meters long, the equivalent of the width of a soccer field. Added to the tower's height, which is 84 meters, it is equivalent to a 37-story building. The time required to assemble nacelles - the component that sits on top to house equipment such as the generator - and the blades is about four days (learn more in the infographic).

The works of the new farms began in October 2019, three months ahead of the schedule set in the business plan. “First, we built the 136 foundations and carried out other civil works, such as the substations and access roads into the farms. This stage lasted for around one year and, in this stage alone, we created over 1.4 thousand jobs in Santa Luzia, with approximately 40% local labor, many of these professionals having been qualified in the training courses offered by us. The first wind turbine components were delivered between February and March, and we were able to move forward with the construction work", explains Montanher.

To ensure the safety of its employees in this stage of construction, Neoenergia has adopted a strict health and prevention protocol for Covid-19. The use of masks and the distancing between all professionals working in the construction site is mandatory. In addition, the company get employees tested and reinforced hygiene in administrative environments

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