Neoenergia powers substation to supply Camaçari Petrochemical Complex and installs substation in Eunapólis

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 Neoenergia, through its distributor Coelba (BA), has just powered a new substation to serve Camaçari Petrochemical Complex, in the metropolitan region of Salvador. The project named Polo II, had a total investment of R$ 33 million, and directly benefits industrial customers located in the municipality.  

At the 69 kV voltage, the substation guarantees an improvement in the service of existing loads and the feasibility of supply to meet new connection requests from large customers.  This delivery from the concessionaire increases the reliability and robustness of the network, in addition to enabling a better adjustment to industrial growth, which can foster the generation of jobs in the region.    

Installed in a strategic position, Polo II also allows its expansion in the medium term, with the introduction of a 69/34.5 kV transformation, to the region's 34.5 kV system, which in the future will directly benefit over 37 thousand customers not only in Camaçari, but also in the municipalities of Dias D'Ávila and Mata de São João. In addition, the substation has an automated system that does not require the presence of electricians and operators at the substation to perform operations, which are carried out directly by Coelba Integrated Operations Center (COI), in Salvador, via satellite communication. This type of installation requires virtually no maintenance over the years.    


Even with the challenges posed by Covid-19, Neoenergia maintains its investments in works to increase the reliability of the electrical system. In Coelba's area of operation, the company made other delivery, a new substation in Eunápolis. Over R$ 14 million were invested in this project, which directly benefits more than 35 thousand customers, and increases the strength of the city's electricity network.  

With a capacity of 20/ 6.6 MVA and five feeders, Coelba's new substation enables to maintain the quality of the electricity supply not only to Eunápolis, but also to neighboring municipalities. In addition, the substation named Eunápolis III, is also essential to expand the distribution system, allowing to meet new loads and connect new customers, in view of the demographic growth of the location in recent years.    

Eunápolis III is fully digitalized, enabling its operation from Coelba Integrated Operations Center, located in the company's headquarters building, in Narandiba - Salvador. The delivery of this work is part of the concessionaire's annual plan to expand and improve the electrical system. 



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