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The digital service is here to stay and the Covid-19​​​ pandemic accelerated this movement of interaction between companies and consumers in different ways. Aiming to offer more facilities to costumers, Neoenergia​ launches the service, pioneer in the electrical sector, to register the digital invoice by the virtual assistant in WhatsApp. The novelty is already available for customers of the distributors Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN), with arrival scheduled at Elektro (SP and MS) in December. With the innovation, the company aligns itself to the trend of integrating new means of payment such as PIX, system created by the Central Bank that will be launched on November 16 throughout the country, being made available by Neoenergia on the same date.​​​

The digital invoice registration service is still available on the website of the distributors and physical stores and, in November, will also be available via SMS. The WhatsApp innovation adds another facility, reinforcing a trend already being observed by Neoenergia. Between February and August 2020, there was a growth of 233% in the amount of credit card transactions. In the same period, access to Neoenergia's application also increased: 121%. When analyzing only May, a month with one of the highest levels of adherence to social isolation in Brazil, the company has registered that 37% of customers have used digital channels to pay the invoice.​​


"The digital invoice brings convenience to customers when it comes to receiving the invoice in an accessible tool like WhatsApp. It is important to emphasize the gains with the reinforcement of safety before COVID-19, due to the preservation of social distance, and environmental benefits such as the reduction of paper printing", states the Neoenergia's Messaging Solutions supervisor, Mateus Prates.​

To access the novelty, people just send a message to the distributor´s WhatsApp​ and choose the Digital Invoice option. From there, it is possible to register for free to receive the Account by email or through WhatsApp itself. When choosing to receive by cell phone, the invoice is sent directly to the application every month.​​

In addition, the customer can register directly in WhatsApp to receive the digital invoice in the email. In this case, the bill arrives at the informed electronic address already integrated to the new mean of PIX payment, available from November 16 for all Neoenergia customers who receive their energy invoice by email.​​

​The new system will be available in the simplified invoice that arrives in the message body, where the QR-Code and PIX Link will be directed for payment via PIX. Just point the cell phone's camera to the code or click on the link that the technology forwards directly to the payment system used by the customer, either through the bank account or the digital wallet.​​​

The initiative integrates the DigitalConnection, considered the most important Research and Development project of the electrical sector with focus on the customer. "Through digital channels, Neoenergia has the possibility to interact with the customer in a closer and more fluid way, in a tool that is present in people's daily lives, with all the information they need about our services. Besides opening the opportunity for new forms of payment, the virtual mean creates new and better experiences for customers", declares Renato Suplicy, Neoenergia's Corporate Manager of Digital Strategy and Services.​​


The launch of the digital invoice registration by WhatsApp and the incorporation of PIX as another facility when paying the energy bill, are trends that Neoenergia makes available when offering digital means of payment to customers. The movement was accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to offer greater safety to customers​.​

Among the novelties launched this year is the debt negotiation platform. The access is made through the website of each distributor, in which it is possible to pay the invoice in up to 12 installments on the credit card, divide invoices amounts due on the bill (from three open invoices) and use the emergency assistance to make the payment through the Virtual Caixa Elo card. The other novelty recently launched is the integration with the Pic Pay, which allows the use of the credit card and digital wallet to pay the energy bill.​​​

"Neoenergia was a pioneer in launching several services, such as payment by credit card and use of the emergency aid, once again coming out ahead with PIX's offer on the same day of the Central Bank's launch”, says Renata Farias, Neoenergia's Collection manager. She takes the opportunity to highlight the promotion Energy to Start Over​, which will raffle around R$ 400 thousand in prizes for consumers with on time bills. To participate, just access the website www.energiapararecomecar.com.br and register. The consumer who chooses to receive the invoice by email will have one more number and who makes the payment by registering for automatic debit and/or using internet banking or the accredited network of distributors, will receive a third number.​

For Leonardo Moura, Neoenergia's Business Process Superintendent, digitalization is one of the main paths the company has followed. "The entire payment environment is entering a new era and Neoenergia is evolving to the same extent. Thus, we have accelerated the digital transformation in the electrical sector in order to offer a service that favors the customer's journey. Besides, we are still in a pandemic moment and the adherence to digital services reinforces safety", he concludes.​


Website and WhatsApp​

Coelba www.coelba.com.br | (71) 3370-6350

Celpe www.celpe.com.br | (81) 3217-6990

Elektro www.elektro.com.br | (19) 2122-1696

Cosern www.cosern.com.br | (84) 3215-6001


This initiative is part of the Iberdrola group answer to Coronavirus.

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