Neoenergia innovates with platform for managing teams focused in optmizing field activities


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A more agile, smart service, using leading technology This is the proposal of ClickSoftware, the system that Neoenergia has just adopted, in three of its concessionaires, as a strong ally of the field activities, implemented in partnership with companies specializing in this type of application. This tool enables the road-mapping of daily activities for over three thousand teams for emergency, commercial and preventive services, in automatic way. The result is a more effective planning, solving occurrences and a more assertive service to the over 14 million company's customers, in less time.

“The teams in field activities in the social isolation period to ensure the energy supply may meet our customers' needs in a more dynamic way", says Benedito Somaio, Neoenergia's engineering expert. In his view, an additional advantage of this tool is the option for a fast change in the team's performance strategy. With just some clicks, it is possible, for example, to reallocate a commercial team to other more urgent activity, such as the restore power supply, if needed. “You just need to make a simple set up, thus providing agility to the process and resulting in lower time for restoring power supply, due to the fast mobilization of resources", he explains.


The platform also automatically defines the daily planning for the teams, using previously set criteria, such as prioritization, average time for the execution of each activity and the staff capacity. By accessing the system, employees are able to view in mobile devices which services they have to perform, considering their profile and skills. Likewise, updates occurred over the day are input into the system and the people in charge of the operation in alerted, so enabling an easier reallocation of the teams to priority occurrences and promptly obtaining information on the service.​ 


All teams use tablets for monitoring orders and receiving service requests. In addition, the device allows the register of service information. Previously, this process - frequently - was performed based on service orders printed in paper, requiring its system update upon the team return for the base. Benefits include the time optimization and a higher control of information.

In order to enable that such connection was efficient, Neoenergia had to invest in a communication means that could also operate in places with no cell phone coverage. Due to this, the company implemented a hybrid communication system, using cell phones and satellites. This infrastructure enables the real-time monitoring of demands and message sharing between the field teams and the Operation Center​.


Available in three Neoenergia’s concessionaries - Coelba/BA, Celpe/PE and Cosern/RN – the system is used by over three thousand teams in their daily activities. Eight thousand company’s employees were trained to achieve this result, including operational, technical areas and in the Operation Center.


Neoenergia’s consumers are among the main beneficiaires of the system, As they have their demands viewed and monitored with agility, either for grid inspections, solving non-scheduled energy outages or new connections. The result is a service delivery with more quality and efficiency.


ClickSoftware system was implemented as a result of DINO project (acronym in Portuguese for Despacho Inteligente para Nova Operação - Smart Dispatch for the New Operation), started in 2017 by Neoenergia aimed at developing an innovative solution in the search for a higher efficiency in field activities in its concessionaries in the Northeast region. The platform is oriented to the team management and automated setting of routes. It uses Here Maps geo-location technology and sets the best route for the performance of services, thus optimizing the staff itinerary. In addition, with other partners, it uses a hybrid communication structure supplied by Hughes, which allows communication via Internet in cell phone or satellite for the field teams. 

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