Neoenergia starts operating four new mini generation solar systems in Pernambuco


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Together, the distributed generation systems have an installed capacity of 851 kWp and reinforce the company's focus on clean energy generation and trading


Minigeneration system in Bom Jardim (PE)

Reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change are part of the current agenda of companies that aim for a more sustainable future.  The use of clean energy sources, such as solar energy, is a strong trend. Aligned in this direction, Neoenergia starts the operation of four mini generation photovoltaic systems in the countryside of Pernambuco state, with an installed capacity of 851 kWp. The new operations boost the group's performance in the segment of Energy Solutions offered to final customers.

"We trade clean energy to consumers with different demand and consumption characteristics without having to invest in the construction of the projects.  Following our decarbonization goal, we have a plan to expand investments in solar generation for trading throughout Brazil", comments Neoenergia's Liberalized Business officer, Hugo Nunes.

In this business modality, these systems will serve four consumers in Pernambuco, who will receive credit quotas on the energy bill in more than 30 consumer units, whose energy bill savings in some cases can reach 25%. This business model has the advantage of not requiring capital from the consumer, since the investment in the construction of the project is not made by the consumer.  Another benefit is that there is no need to have a physical space to install the solar panels.  In an economy increasingly guided by sustainability, by opting for distributed mini generation and using a clean energy source, the customer can still add value to the brand.

Ensuring more efficiency in generation, Neoenergia chose to use of a tracker - or solar tracker -, in which the modules of the panels have sensors and change their position according to the direction of the sunlight, increasing the capture of radiation. With this, the increase in efficiency is about 25% to 30% compared to common models. This is just one of the many examples that the company has made of investments in technology and innovation to improve the performance of all its areas of activity. 


Solar panels installed in St. Joseph of Egypt (PE)

Neoenergia has been active in energy trading and energy solutions​ in Brazil for 21 years, for residential, industrial and commercial customers who are suitable for the free market or not - the current rules allow them to migrate to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), where it is possible to choose the energy supplier, consumers with demand equal to or higher than 500 kW.  The company offers a wide range of products and services in distributed solar generation, energy storage, electric mobility, energy efficiency, and engineering, including grid interconnection works, power factor correction, and adequacy of measurement and billing systems.

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