Neoenergia presents new brand maintaining values of sustainability and innovation


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neoenergia logo brand evolution 

More modern and sustainable, the evolution of visual identity strengthens the commitment to renewable energy through colors linked to the environment

Neoenergia presented on Wednesday (24/5) its new brand designed to strengthen the company's values of sustainability and innovation. More modern, the evolution of visual identity maintains the commitment to environmental preservation evidenced by the three key elements: renewable energy represented by green; the water by the blue; and the sun, by the orange. The new brand has also evolved to facilitate its application, generating greater contrast and better visualization in digital media, which means a simpler, usable and accessible visual language.

"The change is in line with our strategy to position Neoenergia as a brand that continues to be a pioneer in its commitment to decarbonization and people's well-being," said Eduardo Capelastegui, CEO of Neoenergia.

The executive adds that the new brand is directly aligned with the commitments of Iberdrola, the Spanish group world leader in renewable energy and controller of Neoenergia. In this way, the evolution will act as a link between all the countries where the company is present, including Brazil, and will be implemented in a first digital phase to gradually be adapted to physical formats. For the evolution of its brand logo, Neoenergia had the collaboration of Design Bridge and Partners, a company specialized in branding of the WPP Group.

"The brand is in line with a need to adapt to an increasingly digital world. Although it aims to maintain the origin, the essence and values will allow a simpler application in all formats and media. The proposal is to anticipate the energy demands of society to find the best solutions that preserve the environment for future generations," says Lorenzo Perales, Marketing Director of Neoenergia.


A more sustainable brand

Another goal of the development process was to provide more engagement to make the brand even closer to the public. Therefore, the brand is more readable and 50% lighter, which allows more download speed and ensures lower energy consumption, costs and time. The new typeface family, IberPangea, is more efficient and

readable, and designed to work effectively in both the digital and offline worlds.

With more agile resources, the use is favored, since it has contributed to the reduction of carbon emissions: the brand's application standards have become more simplified, helping in its implementation, from an ecological design to the choice of materials, waste reduction, energy saving or local production.

The evolution of the brand will be carried out in a sustainable and gradual way. The logo will be replaced based on economic and sustainability criteria, as brands are developed to coexist in time and space for as long as it takes.

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