Coronavirus: online courses during the quarantine

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​​Not sure what to do during the quarantine? Check out 10 online courses to helpe leverage your career

With the escalation of thecoronavirus (C​OVID-19) crisis, millions of people are complying with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) - and local authorities - of staying home and avoid circulation on the streets, as much as possible. One of the greatest challenges imposed by this scenario of social isolation, without question, is to find activities to be busy during the quarantine. 

In order to make this task simpler, we took the first step for you. We have assembled a list of ten (10) free online courses from renowned institutions - both national and foreign - on various subjects. 


At Brazil's financial heart, the capital of England or cities from northern United States. Your classroom may be from anywhere in the world. Our online courses comprise a wide range of institutions for enrolling and, in addition, boost your career. Interesting, right? Now, the next step is up to you. Check which online course suits you and register.

​Where can I find more online courses?​

In 2012, Sebastian Thrun, former professor of the University of Stanford (United States), founded Udacity, an online course platform, and started providing “nanodegree" programs, which are courses aimed at development of specific skills related to technology. Said programs last between 6 and 12 months, may be learned in different languages and use artificial intelligence to follow up on students and help them improve.

Nowadays there are dozens of platforms worldwide that provide this type of online courses. The most known are:

To read more on the nanodegrees, click here and access exclusive content on the subject.​

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