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People at Neoenergia are open and alike to innovate. However, there is a natural path of institutionalization of the theme being pursued and it is necessary to prepare people and areas,at various levels, to scale innovation.

The construction of the Innovation Thesis was the first step towards the Innovation Governance process. With it, the organization can clearly state the types of ideas, projects, markets and startups that it wants to i​nvest its innovation efforts.


  1. Review operational processes ensuring improvement on the complete journey of the customer, creating new digital relationship channels.
  2. Increase operational efficiency, through incorporation of technological solutions for digitization, automation, and optimization of internal processes, with an impact on the quality, safety, and cost reduction indicators of the business.
  3. Take a leading role in the digitalization process of energy transmission and distribution networks, strengthening partnerships with other companies, universities, and research centers, in order to improve the control, use, and sharing of your data. In addition, offer subsidies for the regulatory discussion concerning the feasibility of the permeation of Smart Grids in the coming years.
  4. Create new business models to offer more flexible and complete products and services packages to customers and partner companies, including design, implementation, operation, and maintenance.
  5. Consume increasingly more clean energy when deploying and operating assets, clearly informing the origin of the energy consumed to your customers.
  6. Establish a data-driven culture as a strategic element for decision-making. From adequate governance, an intelligent, intensive analysis of qualified data will be adopted throughout all areas of the company.
  7. Train employees on the use of technological resources, process optimization, generation of innovative solutions and new business models, with a focus on sustainable solutions. For such, a culture that ensures motivation and psychological safety must be stimulated, thus promoting collaboration, protagonism, engagement, and a look to the future.
  8. Enable the expansion of the network of partnerships and consortia with non-traditional companies, for the supply of inputs, development of new materials, equipment and technologies, besides financing and construction of new enterprises.
  9. Create a structure of processes and people that promotes the innovation theme, reducing bureaucracy, using more flexible and agile contracting models, maintaining the guarantees needed for compliance. In addition, provide for environments that favor experimentation and relationships with other organizations within the innovation ecosystem.

  10. Actively operate with ANEEL and other regulatory bodies to contribute towards refining the regulatory framework, aimed at making it more suitable to the new context of the electricity sector: Decarbonization, Digitalization and Decentralization.​