Conscious Energy Consumption

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The use of electricity provides comfort and convenience.

Here you will learn how to use electricity efficiently and enjoy its benefits without danger.

Remember, conscious use of energy is a responsibility of all of us.​​​​​​​​

 Accordion | Lightning


  • Replace halogen and fluorescent lamps with LED lamps. The initial cost will be offset by the energy saving.

  • Turn off any lamps you are not using, except those that contribute to your safety.

  • Paint the walls and ceilings with light colors. In addition to better reflecting natural light, they reduce consumption with artificial lighting.

  • Avoid lighting lamps during the day. Open the window and make the most of natural light.

 Accordion | Refrigerator

  • Do not dry clothes behind the refrigerator. In addition to overloading the device and you risk shock, it increases energy consumption.

  • Always check the condition of the refrigerator sealing rubbers and avoid wasting energy.

  • Defrost and clean it frequently.

  • Set the thermostat accordingly with the season.

  • Put it in a ventilated place away from the wall, sunlight, stoves and greenhouses.

  • When purchasing, choose Procel Seal or Inmetro A-rated equipment.

  • Take good care of your refrigerator: Do not open the door frequently, line the shelves or store hot food.​

 Accordion | Clothing Iron


  • Gather as many clothes as possible to iron them all at once.

  • Use the temperature indicated for each type of fabric.

  • Turn off the iron when you interrupt service, so you save energy and still avoid the risk of accidents.

  • Iron light clothes with the appliance off, the heat of the iron can be used.

  • Evaluate the real need to iron some pieces and only iron the necessary ones.

  • Choose clothes with fabrics that do not need ironing.

  • Choose the iron with the lowest power.

 Accordion | Washing Machine

  • Try to wash as many clothes as possible at one time.

  • Use the proper soap dosage for each amount of laundry.

  • Always keep the machine´s filter clean, so you don´t have to repeat the “rinse" operation. Always use the most suitable washing cycle.

  • Choose machines with Procel Seal or Inmetro A rating.

 Accordion | Air-conditioned

  • Choose the equipment correctly for the size of the room.

  • Keep the filters clean.

  • Regulate the temperature properly.

  • When switching on the device keep windows and doors closed.

  • Outdoor devices must be protected against sun light

  • and be careful not to block the ventilation.

  • Switch off the device when the room is empty.

 Accordion | Eletric Shower



  • Avoid long baths.

  • Turn off the tap while soaping.

  • Whenever possible, adjust the temperature to the "Summer" position, because in the "Winter" position the consumption can be 30% higher.

  • Do not change the temperature while bathing, avoiding the shock risk.

  • Prefer solar water heating systems. They are more economical and still help to preserve the environment.

  • Do not reuse burnt resistors. This causes increased consumption and endangers your safety.

 Accordion | Television

  • Do not leave the TV on unnecessarily;

  • LED equipment consumes less energy than plasma and LCD. And of course, the bigger the device, the greater the energy consumption.

  • Do not sleep with the TV on, use the timer-programming feature.

  • Be alert when using “standby" mode as some equipment such as fax, printer, computer, TV, stereo, cordless phone, DVD, internet modem and cable/satellite receiver consume energy even when turned off .

  • If you are not using programming features, unplug them from the socket.

 Accordion | Computer


  • Use notebook, it is more economical.

  • Whenever possible, after 20 minutes without using it, put it to “sleep" or “hibernate".

  • Unplug the computer when not in use.

 Accordion | Procel Seal


  • The PROCEL Seal indicates the lowest energy consuming products.
  • In addition, it stimulates the manufacture and commercialization of more efficient products, contributing to technological development and the preservation of the environment.
  • When buying a home appliance, make sure it has the PROCEL Energy Saving Seal. That makes difference.
  • If you cannot find equipment with the Seal, choose equipment rated Inmetro A. ​

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