Neoenergia Institute promotes live "A woman's place is where she wants it" and gathers female leaders

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Neoenergia Institute  promotes this Wednesday (06/16) the live: A woman's place is where she wants it, with the participation of Renata Chagas, Neoenergia Institute officer, Sarah Morato, CEO of Aya Education, and moderation by journalist and editor of Plurale, Sônia Araripe. 

The Institute, which defined as its main focus in 2020, to meet the UN's call for a Decade of Action to reach the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, established as a priority for its projects this year, to encourage civil society organizations led by women, meeting the SDG 5 of Gender Equality.

Aya Education is an organization in Recife that offers Afrocentric online English courses for black people, which has been contributing to the learning and mastery of the language in peripheral communities. Other topics, such as Neoenergia's recent sponsorship of the Neoenergia to the Brazilian Women´s Soccer Team the new edition of the social acceleration program Impactô Mulheres and the  Inspire Award (Prêmio Inspirar), aimed at women who have made a difference with their social projects in art and culture during the pandemic, promise an unmissable talk about women's empowerment actions throughout the country.

Mark it and share it on your calendar:

Live: A woman's place is where she wants it

Date: 06/16 - 7 pm

Where: Instagram Neoenergia (@neoenergia_oficial)  

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