“Energia do Futuro” Project installs ten thousand smart meters in Atibaia (SP)


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Through Elektro, its distributor in São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul States, Neoenergia Group​ is shaping the smart grid of Atibaia, Bom Jesus dos Perdões and Nazaré Paulista, in São Paulo. More than 10,000 smart meters have been installed and it is expected that by the end of the year, the equipment shall be available to all 75,000 customers in the region. 

The new meters will inform Elektro about any energy outage in an specific household so that the company will be able to take action, preventing the customer from having to contact the distributor, as well as it will provide information for customers to actively manage their consumption. Installation takes about 30 minutes and the service has no cost to customers.

The first points of the pioneering 4G telecommunications network in South America are already installed. The Long Term Evolution (LTE) network will connect equipment allowing automation through real-time information exchange.

“Through innovation, Neoenergia Group continues to influence the future of the country. We will transform the way the public utilities relate to customers, anticipating needs, customizing service, all based on a lot of respect", says Heron Fontana,  Neoenergia 's Smart Grids superintendent.

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