Adherence to the digital invoice at Neoenergia contributes to sustainable development


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Saving natural resources is one of the main ways to preserve the environment. In order to contribute to sustainable development, one of the actions adopted by Ne​​oenergia is the digital invoice. The company has encouraged customers to adhere to the new format and, between January and September 2020 alone, more than 10 million energy bills were sent by email.

“The digital invoice is a facility for the customer to receive and access the bill from anywhere. And the benefits go beyond that, because, with that, we were able to reduce the use of paper and, therefore, save other resources that would be used in its manufacturing process. Indirectly, consumers collaborate a lot for the preservation of the environment, that's why we count on their help to join the service", says the superintendent of Commercial Processes at Neoenergia, Leonardo Moura.​


The registration to receive the energy bill in digital format is available to all customers of the four distributors of the company - Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP and MS). The registration can be made through the concessionaires website and the invoice is received by email every month, with several payment options, including internet banking, credit card, PicPay or emergency assistance, through the Virtual Box Elo card. Since October, for consumers served by Coelba, Celpe and Cosern, Neoenergia has also started to offer the option to request the service by WhatsApp and receive the bill monthly through the application itself.

Customers who receive the invoice by email can also do the payment by PIX, from November 16, when the new payments method will be made available by the Central Bank. The QR-Code and PIX Link will be in the simplified bill that arrives in the body of the email. Just click on the link or point the phone's camera at the code to be directed to the payment system, either with the technology of the bank used by the consumer or digital wallet.​


Neoenergia has carried out several actions in order to encourage adherence to the digital invoice and, consequently, save paper and natural resources when printing the bills.  One of the actions is the Energy to​​ Start Over Promotion in which consumers can receive up to R$ 400 thousand in prizes and those who receive the bill in digital format are more likely to win the sweepstakes. Registration for the promotion can be done on the website www.energytostartover.com.br.

The digital invoice is part of the Digital Connection, considered the most important  Research and Development (R&D) project costumer-centered in the electric sector. The initiative was launched in March and the modernization of service was accelerated by the pandemic of Covid​-19, to offer greater safety to consumers. In addition to this service, we highlight the self-reading energy consumption, the use of virtu​al assistant for calls via WhatsApp and Facebook and the debt negotiation, in which customers can split overdue invoices on the bank slip or up to 12 times on the credit card, available on the distributor's website​.


Website e Whatsapp

Coelba: www.coelba.com.br | (71) 3370-6350

Celpe: www.celpe.com.br | (81) 3217-6990

Elektro: www.elektro.com.br | (19) 2122-1696

Cosern: www.cosern.com.br | (84) 3215-6001 

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