Ethics and Integrity

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We believe that a sustainable society is built only when there is trust, integrity and respect to the laws. Ethics is part of the decisions of the Neoenergia Group companies, guiding the development of our business and our relationships with clients, shareholders, executives, employees, suppliers, service providers, the market and public entities. 

To achieve this purpose, an integrity program adhering to Brazilian anti-corruption legislation was implemented, coordinated by the Compliance Superintendence of the group. The area, in addition to being responsible for the planning, design, execution, maintenance and evaluation of the program, elaborates and reviews codes of conduct, integrity policies and related procedures and works on the identification, evaluation and mitigation of non-compliance risks. Thus, it seeks to ensure the adherence of the companies of the Neoenergia Group to the principles of legality and anti-corruption. 

Get to know the main actions of the group to promote ethics and integrity:​


 Accordion | Commitment of the Presidency

​Integrity is a very relevant value to Neoenergia. We are committed to establish our business strategy and perform our activities guided by decisions in conformity with the law, our code of ethics, and internal rules.  

This concern with ethical and legal conformity applies to our business portfolio, being clear Neoenergia's conduct in repudiating all forms of corruption, bribery, money laundering and other behaviors contrary to law and principles of good corporate governance. 

Neoenergia's executive board is committed to encourage a culture of ethics and integrity acknowledging that as an obligation to society.  

Ethics is part of our lives, and part of us. It is worth it!​

 Accordion | Code of Ethics

In our Code​ of Ethics [PDF]​, we make clear the importance of integrity and ethical behavior in the performance of Neoenergia's activities. The Code is a document that guides the personal and professional conducts of our shareholders, executives and employees and also disciplines our relations with society. In it you can find, among other matters: 

What is expected of executives and employees in relation to ethics and integrity;

The relationship of Neoenergia with the various segments of society;

  • Environmental sustainability;

  • Neoenergia and the fight against corruption;

  • Safety, health and quality of life at work;

  • Conflict of interests;

  • Presents and gifts;

  • ​​Ethical channels. 

 Accordion | Reporting Channel

In order to provide a secure and confidential channel and guarantee the anonymity of its users, for reports of conduct contrary to the code of ethics and the law, we make available to all employees and external public the Neoenergia Group's Reporting Channel. 

If you are aware of any act that is not in accordance with the Code of Ethics, Neoenergia's law or integrity policies, make an anonymous and confidential report through one of the channels below: ​



Telephone: 0800 591 0857

Neoenergia Group's Reporting Channel is independently managed by a specialized company, ICTS Protiviti, which ensures the anonymity and total confidentiality of the information.

Complaints regarding dissatisfaction with the service of our energy distribution companies (Neoenergia Coelba, Neoenergia Pernambuco, Neoenergia Cosern or Neoenergia Elektro​) must be forwarded to the Ombudsman of each company​.

 Accordion | Fight Against Corruption

We are strongly engaged in fighting any corrupt and dishonest practices, repudiating any forms of corruption, fraud, bribery, favoritism, influence peddling, extortion and bribery in our internal relationships with suppliers, partners or public agents. 

Policy against Corruption and Fraud [PDF]​

Crime Prevention Policy [PDF]​ ​

Handbook for Receiving Gifts, Gifts and Hospitalities [PDF]​​

Relationship Handbook with the Public Power [PDF]

Conflict of Interest Procedure [PDF]​           

Sponsorship, Donations and Private Social Investment Manual [PDF]

Check out the Donations and Sponsorship Report below:

- Donations and Sponsorship Report 2020 [PDF]

- Donations and Sponsorship Report 2019 [PDF]   

 Accordion | Integrity Reports

In compliance with the Integrity Program, referring to Decree 11.129/2022 - CGU ordinance no. 909/2015, Neoenergia Group provides the profile and compliance reports. 

Profile Report [PDF]. This report contains the following subjects. 

Market sectors in which it operates;

Organizational structure;

Number of employees;

The interactions established with national or foreign government agencies, describe the equity interests 

Compliance Report [PDF]. This report contains the following subjects. 

Structure of the integrity program;

Operation of the integrity program;

Role of the integrity program in the prevention, detection and remediation of the harmful act object of the verification. 

 Accordion | Corporate Movement for Integrity and Transparency

We are one of the signatory companies​ of the Ethos Institute Carta Compromisso of the Corporate Movement for Integrity and Transparency, an initiative that seeks to engage business leaders, governments and civil society in the adoption of practices for integrity, transparency and anti-corruption in the business environment and in public-private relations. 

Being part of this Movement, together with the Ethos Institute , represents another opportunity to publicly assume and defend our principles of integrity and our position to fight corruption and illicit conduct. 

To know the guidelines established in the Commitment Letter of the Movement,cli​​ck here

Neoenergia participated actively in the elaboration of the document, being one of the subscribing companies.​

 Accordion | Fiscal Transparency Report

2021 was the first year that the Neoenergia Group prepared, at the forefront of the Brazilian electricity sector and on a voluntary basis, the tax transparency report, which includes relevant information for all stakeholders, following the highest standards of good corporate governance. 

Responsible action, commitment to society and transparency inspire our daily work, including tax aspects, guided by a Corporate Tax Policy approved by the Board of Directors. 

Check the ​Tax Transparency Report by clicking below:

•​ 2021 [PDF]​​  - portuguese version​​

•​​ 2022​ [PDF]  


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