Governance and Sustainability System

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A system with rules and principles that govern the organization

The Neoenergia Governance and Sustainability System gathers the rules and principles that govern the organization, operation and relations of the Group. It is established to ensure compliance with the bylaws that bind its shareholders and, in particular, Neoenergia's corporate purpose and social interest. 

The Governance and Sustainability System, always configured in accordance with the Shareholders' Agreement and current legislation, is inspired on purpose of keeping building, each day, and in a collaborative way, a model of energy more electric, healthy and affordable, and is based on the Bylaws, which, approved by the General Shareholders' Meeting, gathers and refers all elements of the Governance and Sustainability System, whose development is attributed to the Board of Directors, without prejudice of other competences.  

The Governance and Sustainability System is subject to a constant review process for continuous incorporation of best practices. ​


The corporate and governance structure of the Neoenergia Group​, as well as its Business Model, are based on a decentralized structure of deliberation processes. Neoenergia is as a holding company, which holds certain interests in other companies that conduct business in the energy sector, is responsible for the strategy and supervision of its group as a whole, leaving the management of each group company to its respective governance bodies. 

Accordingly, one of the main functions of Neoenergia is to assume the functions of strategic organization and coordination in relation to the companies in its group, as well as to centralize the provision of common services to operating companies, in accordance with the provisions of the Shareholders' Agreement or applicable legislation.


The Company is permanently committed to leading the way in applying the most demanding ethical and regulatory compliance practices.

In particular, the Group is committed to continuous surveillance and sanctioning of fraudulent acts and conducts, implementation and development of effective communication and awareness mechanisms for all professionals and the development of an entrepreneurial culture based on ethics and honesty, for which it has effective and up-to-date policies and programs for crime prevention and fraud, which reach all levels of the organization. 

The following list includes all the contents of the Corporate Governance System with the corresponding links: ​


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