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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our generation plants with open doors for you​

​​Neoenerg​ia Group  opens the doors of its hydro ​power plants​ to host the communities surrounding the projects and share knowledge on the use of hydro resources in the generation of renewable and clean energy.

With our Visit Program, you may schedule your visit to all of our hydro power plants located in six Brazilian states:​

  • Baguari Hydro Power Plant (MG)
  • Baixo Iguaçu Hydro Power Plant (PR)
  • Corumbá III Hydro Power Plant (GO)
  • Dardanelos Hydro Power Plant (MT)
  • Itapebi Hydro Power Plant (BA)
  • Teles Pires Hydro Power Plant (PA)

Accompanied by a guide, visitors will get to know in practice how a hydro power plant operates and how we use the river power for the generation of renewable and clean energy to supply millions of Brazilian homes. 

Plan your visit and enroll!

 Accordion | Who may participate?

​All kinds of audiences are eligible to participate: schools, institutions, colleges, communities and its leaderships, public and private agents and the press. ​

 Accordion | Age

​For safety reasons, only children above ten (10) years old may join the visit.​

 Accordion | Transportation

​Neoenergia Group's plants are not responsible for the movement of arrival and exit of visitors in the plants. Any transportation-related expenses will not be reimbursed.​

 Accordion | Scheduling

​For scheduling your visit, please contact us with at least 15 days in advance by e-mail to, informing your name, phone number, number of individuals and which plant you want to visit. 

The visit only will be confirmed after receiving the confirmation, with date, time and Visitor's Manual.​

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