Quarantine: Leisure activities for children

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Over the last few days, Brazil and most of the world have entered a period of social isolation, ​due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local governments is for people to stay at home and avoid leaving. This is the most effective manner of containing the spread of the virus. 

With the suspension of classes, cultural activities and restricted circulation on the streets, entertaining children at home is not an easy task. It is important that the parents develop a creative and dynamic routine for learning, so that the little ones do not fall behind in school studies, and to avoid boredom and physical inactivity. 

Quarantine is not a period of vacation. With that in mind, we gathered several activities in order to create new practices and maintain the balance in children's development, within the current scenario. 

Check it out:​​

 Accordion | PLAYING


A good way of entertaining kids is to adapt child's plays to your house. Activities such as skipping rope and hide-and-seek help in unleashing energy and may be practiced in the living room or porch/balcony. The classic hopscotch is another fun activity that brings back the childhood, is easy to assemble, and may be done using tape to avoid damaging the floor.

Noughts and crosses, mimicry, hangman, stop, Simon Says, Lego and Hot Potato are excellent options to entertain children and the whole family.​


UNICEF's e-book

UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) has made availabre an e-book with several fun and educational activities to be carried out with young children. Click here ​​to acess.​


Play Dough and Slime

Playing dough and slime is one of the favorite activities of children and is also a hit among grown-ups. If the parents do not have any at home, or are unable to purchase, it is possible to make homemade slime and have loads of fun with the children. The ingredients are glue, liquid starch, water-based paint and multi-colored glitter. Click here  and check out the link with 10 recipes for homemade play dough.​ 



Board games, card games and puzzles require a lot of attention and focus, and are excellent options to gather the family around the table and have fun times. In addition to entertaining, games develop social and cognitive aspects, team spirit and the emotional side of winning or losing.


Do It Yourself

Crafting homemade toys, such as a tin can telephone, cardboard cars and paper planes and boats helps develop learning, keeps focused attention and stimulates child handcrafting. Below are two tutorials for crafting homemade toys.

 Accordion | VIRTUAL WORLD


The world today is totally digital, and this is the time to use social media for education. On Instagram, for example, some storyteller profiles have assembled a schedule in order to entertain children during this period. Here are some of their profiles: 


@fafac​​​​​onta​ - 10:30 A.M (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and 4:30 P.M (Tuesday and Thursday).

@maequele - 11:00 A.M (every day)

@carollevy - 11:30 A.M (every day)

@marinabastoshistorias12:30 P.M (every day)

@marianebigio - 6:00 P.M (every day) ​



The YouTube Platform is ideal for creating a routine of entertainment and education. Various channels include informative content that may be interesting especially for teenagers, with educational subjects, in a creative and light-hearted manner. Short online courses are also another good option to stimulate home learning.

For this reason, we prepared a list of channels that provide educational content, according to the subject: Arts, Astronom​y, Science, Geography, History, English, Child Reading, Mathematics, Nature, e Portuguese


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