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​In order to give visibility to the actions developed by Group Neoenergia, the Energy Efficiency area, publishes, quarterly, a magazine with information about the universe of energy and how to use it in an efficient, economic and sustainable way. The projects mentioned in the publications are part of the Energy Efficiency Programs of the companies of Grupo Neoenergia, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL. The initiatives aim to disseminate the efficient use of energy as well as the various technologies that can contribute to the improvement of services provided to the communities.​



Magazine EE - Nº 09​ [PDF]​
Magazine EE - Nº 08 [PDF]​

Magazine EE - Nº 07 [PDF]​

Magazine EE - Nº 06 [PDF]​
Magazine EE - Nº 05 [PDF]​

Magazine EE - Nº 04 [PDF]​
Magazine EE - Nº 03 [PDF]​

Maganzine EE - Nº 01​ [PDF]​

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