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​We disseminated sustainable energy consumption practices​

Aiming to promote energy efficiency in its area of activity, Neoenergia Group​ invests in projects through its distributors in Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.  

Since 2008, R$700 million have already been invested in more than 300 Energy Efficiency projects, of which R$493 million in initiatives targeted to the low-income population. 


 Accordion | Aulas de Energia

The project features interactive environments that promote immersive experiences from the use of electricity, energy generation and energy efficiency. Such projects are: Espaço Usina Solar Pituaçu and Museu da Energia, in Bahia; Espaço Usina Solar São Lourenço da Mata and Espaço Usina Solar Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco; and Espaço Ecoposto Energia Eólica, in Rio Grande do Norte.  

The visits are free, through prior scheduling and monitoring of trained personnel, and enable the practical experience of energy generation and the safe and efficient use of energy. Consumers who visit Energy Classes spaces find technologies, experiments, models, panels and videos that add value to their learning.   

The Energy Classes are also held in an itinerant way, with the Educational Mobile Units, trucks adapted to serve public educational institutions of Bahia, Pernambuco and Rio Grande Norte, as well as the general public, in specific events. 

Click here and learn more about the project.



 Accordion | Vale Luz

The project provides for the exchange of solid waste (metal, paper, cardboard, plastics, oil and household appliances) for discounts in energy bills in popular communities. In addition to enabling the reduction in the amount of the energy bill, the initiative also encourages recycling. Follow the project through Vale Luz app, available on Android, IOS and Windows.​


 Accordion | Educação com Energia

It uses the methodology of the Energia que Transforma project, created by Fundação Roberto Marinho, Canal Futura and Procel, and aims to train teachers to be a vector of communication with students. In addition to working on the topic of rational and safe use of energy, techniques and approach methodologies are also shared, to be used in the classroom: the teacher is encouraged to create his/her approach to transmit this knowledge. The WWF-Brazil NGO is a partner in the project in the training on the environment preservation. 

The project also provides the "Jogo Se Liga", a distance learning platform for learning the rational and safe use of energy. Available on the web and soon in apps. 

Click here to know the game Se Liga

 Accordion | Festival Tô Ligado na Energia

The project promotes reflection and dialogue on the efficient and safe use of electricity with schools in the public education network, preferably full-time, working with primary and secondary school students (11 to 19 years old), through activities that stimulate the appropriation of knowledge about the theme, in a playful and creative way, to make them multipliers of the contents. 

This educational action creates the opportunity of talking to young people and listening to them through multiple artistic productions such as theater, music, dance, percussion and graphite, and encourages participation in activities that incite curiosity and challenge the resolution of tasks which require knowledge about the subject. Thus, young people become multiplier agents with the potential to promote change of habits, as well as to disseminate this information in the communities in which they are inserted.

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 Accordion | Energia com Cidadania e Energia mais Eficiente

By means of mobile units, the projects bring to the popular communities of Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul actions to exchange lamps, commercial service and lectures on the safe and rational use of electric energy. It also includes efficiency projects for public schools, medical centers and non-profit institutions. The Public Prosecutor Office of Bahia State (recognition of paternity and divorce), the municipalities of Salvador and Recife (NIS register) and the Court of Justice of Bahia (Court of Justice) are partners of the initiative.​




 Accordion | Eficientização dos Prédios Públicos

​​Consists of planning and execution of energy efficiency actions in public facilities in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. The actions contemplate the efficiency of end-uses of energy, energy management, use of incentivized source (photovoltaic) and thermal solar heating of water.​


 Accordion | IPTU Verde

In partnership with the City of Salvador, the Sustainable Certification Program aims to encourage residential, commercial, mixed and institutional real estate projects to adopt sustainable practices and energy efficiency in their buildings. The Green IPTU grants discounts of up to 10% in property tax (IPTU) according to the score reached pursuant to the Manual for the Application of Requirements - IPTU Verde.  The projects will be reassessed every three years.

Click here and learn more about the project.​

 Accordion | Projeto de Chaves Seccionadoras

It provides for the insertion of 23 disconnecting switches in the public lighting circuits of areas that were contemplated with the shielding of the energy distribution network. Thus, public lighting circuits are switched off during the day, limiting the power supply to consumers irregularly connected to such circuits. 

The purpose of the project is to induce irregular consumers to regularize their situation with energy distributors and, from the moment they start to pay for their consumption, have a more efficient energy consumption.

 Accordion | Projeto de Eficientização da Área de Saneamento

Through the implementation of energy efficiency projects, Elektro enables mechanisms to improve and optimize sanitation systems in municipalities in its concession area. 

The objective of this initiative is to reduce the city’s electricity consumption by replacing outdated sanitation equipment, such as motors and pumps in the collection of raw water, and the electrical systems for gearing and starting of such equipment, by more efficient and modern ones.

 Accordion | Concurso Árvore Solar

The objective of the Solar Tree Contest is to disseminate solar energy as a means of generating clean electric energy. In addition, it aims to raise the interest of students and teachers in the creation of new solutions in solar photovoltaic generation. 

To access the Contest Call Notice and further information, click here.

Call notice updated on 08/03/2018. Click here to access. 

Access here the Result of the Solar Tree Contest. 

 Accordion | Desafio Nova Energia

New Energy Challenge aims to select and develop projects focused on the theme of Energy Efficiency. The initiative aims to encourage the development of innovative solutions aimed at startups, micro and small enterprises and also the Individual Micro Entrepreneur (MEI), in three areas of interest: 

1. Solutions to reduce the consumption of energy in consumer units;

2. Distributed Generation;

3. New educational technologies focusing on energy efficiency.

For further information, click here.​

 Accordion | Iluminação Pública LED

The cost of public lighting represents a significant portion of the expenses of the municipalities in Elektro's concession area. The adoption of energy-efficient solutions such as LED lamps has proven to be promising, given the reduction of up to 60% in energy consumption. Therefore, Elektro has the IP LED Project in progress for 8 cities in its concession area, whereby more than 5,000 lighting points will be replaced by the most modern LED technology on the market. In addition to the energy gain, the locations will have a qualitative gain in lighting, increasing the comfort and safety of users.  ​

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